No retreat from the comfort of old friends

Are you sure The Retreat will be open on Labor Day, Judy asked me via Facebook as we solidified our plans for the four of us to meet for lunch.

I stopped by on my daily lap through the Village of Liverpool while on my break from the job at the library to be sure.


The four of us. Thanks, waitress.

The four of us. Thanks, waitress.

And so it came together.

The conversation was comforting this day after Karen and I had returned from Long Island for the services for my sister Frannie. They offered their understanding and condolences, and we moved on.

They lived in Liverpool when Dave was stationed right in the village when the big daily was so flush that it had suburban bureaus. In fact, they ate at the Retreat often. One of Judy’s great friends and neighbors worked at the library but retired from that job five years ago. Speaking of the “R” word, Judy retired from her teaching job down in Florida after many years of great service after they moved down from Syracuse. They were interested in hearing my dear wife Karen’s account of goings-on at the Syracuse Media Group, what the big daily goes by nowadays. Dave likes his reporting job at the Florida group of dailies better than the editing gig. They were both happy at how much I like my communications tasks at the Liverpool Public Library.

Old friends, now stories.

How very nice, indeed.

Last time we met at Rico’s near Eastwood. Next time, we’ll see. I just know it’ll be great.

When was your last friend reunion, and what did you talk about? Do you go to the same place or change it up, and why? When’s your next lunch out, and where?

14 thoughts on “No retreat from the comfort of old friends

  1. i’m so glad that the 4 of you had the chance to meet up. i remember judy from the blogging world, am i right? how nice to have friends who know you and some of your important history and to get their support during a very challenging time. the last big meet up of an old friend was when i went to san diego to visit my old teaching partner and her husband. it was as if we never were apart.


  2. Wonderful that you got to meet old friends or rather friends of old. I get the haunting, far off voice of a lone wolf howling on a cold, crisp, snow-covered winter’s night. As hollow as that feels, you have a new pack now -new pups to protect, new colleagues to teach/learn from, new alpha to obey. The “R” word is some years away yet – enjoy your time in the pack and celebrating with pack members of yore.. 😀 I’m retired by force and I am here to tell you that you will find other packs – I know because the last time I went missing my fellow Word press pack members worried and came looking for me. I was happy and surprised. Thank You Mark for being You.


  3. Looks like a great CATch up there with your old buddies, Mark! The next reunion with my school mate will be this coming Christmas. Usually it’s lunch at her place or mine. With kids, it’s easier to just leave them in the playroom so we can chat. (=^・ェ・^=)


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