First sign of fall at Onondaga Lake Park

I took a quick lunchtime stroll two blocks down from the Liverpool Public Library this week despite the 90º F temperatures and the fact that I had to return to my desk, oh, a tad sweaty.

I saw some color on the trees at last this blistering summer.

A bit of orange.

A bit of orange.

It’s the first hint of change I’ve discovered.

We are going to have an autumn this year, color-wise.

Still mostly green and thoroughly hot.

Still mostly green and thoroughly hot.

For a while, I thought maybe we’d go from green to ground. And 90 to 30.

Silly, strange Syracuse weather.

How have the colors been in your part of the world this September? How are the temperatures? Do you wish for lingering summer or full-on fall, or the reverse?

14 thoughts on “First sign of fall at Onondaga Lake Park

  1. Aww,.so beautiful! The weather here in Malaysia is hot and humid all year round with some occasional rain. And raining season is usually from November to February. It’s too hot for a cat and I’m hoping to move to a cooler place soon. ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ


  2. The leaves haven’t started changing here, yet, at least not in the suburbs. I can hardly wait, though – I’m eager to get some nice fall photographs now that I’ve got a feel for using the camera and its software.


  3. Mmm,it was in the 50’s here last week but now it’s back to 80’s Mark. The students have all moved back in – that’s my sign of Fall. 😀


  4. ah, just like a highlight in someone’s hair. just a hint of color – it’s been an incredibly hot and dry summer here too and i know your weather is as extreme as ours in all seasons. looking forward to real fall, my favorite season. p.s. go blue!


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