Springing a return to Thornden Park

My four-season cycle at the lovely spot at the top of Syracuse is complete.

I took my iPhone 6 to Thornden Park as warm weather returned to my city here in upstate New York late this week, as promised. I wanted to capture the stirring of nature’s soul in the spot where roses will soon bloom in their special garden, trees are beginning to bud in their meadows, and a surprising little waterfall bubbled in the center of a garden up high.

Step up to spring.

Step up to spring.

I pulled into the lovely spot after my opening shift at the store Thursday. Shortly before 4 p.m., cyclists pedaled through the winding road, joggers dogged them, and students made their way to Syracuse University campus spots below.

Sounds of refreshment.

Sounds of refreshment.

The bright sun was warming the lawns to 62º F, according to the dashboard thermometer on my Chevy Cruze.

I strolled to see what I could share.

Hover over any gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

I’ll return to the Mills Garden in the months to come with my dear wife Karen to mark the progress. Yes, we will smell the roses. So my Thornden Park posts are not finished, ever, even though the seasons are now complete.

My first eyeful of Thornden Park here was for winter, during my Photo 101 workshop.

I returned in August for the summer view of the park.

The colors were ablaze in November for the fall edition of the Thornden Park photo series.

How far has this season advanced in your part of our world? Have you been able to venture out, and what have you discovered? Which is your favorite photo, and why?

19 thoughts on “Springing a return to Thornden Park

  1. One solitary cherry tree remains in our local park where once stood an avenue. Blossoming late this year I paused this morning to watch a blue tit searching amongst the blossom. Red-hearted daffodils border the cricket pitch, the song of chiff-chaffs and, high overhead, the mewing of buzzards all indicate that spring is on it’s way


  2. I have a robin, a cardinal and a blue jay all trying to build nests under my kitchen window. Finally, I can go in my backyard without rubber hip boots. And yesterday, Cody got to play at my daughter’s new house, in her fully fenced in yard – although daughter got a little annoyed when Cody did her business in the back corner, even though I promptly picked it up. Said daughter claims she wants a dog – I think she may not be ready yet.


  3. Cool pics Mark. Yesterday was the first day this season that was over 55 F. It is supposed to be in the 70’s this weekend,although the night temps are to eb cool. There is still snow piled in many places.


    • Our furnace is still cranking at night as well, Paul, and twice this week I had to scrape my windshield before heading to the opening shift. That’s spring temp changes for you. 😮


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