My photo return to Thornden Park in fall

Three seasons down at the pretty park at the top of the Syracuse University campus hill.

When I parked in Thornden Park for the short walk for my business in the offices of Syracuse Public Media Site WAER, I noticed that all signs pointed toward fall.

Upon return, I pulled out my iPhone 6.

Some roses still peek out in Thornden Park.

Some roses still peek out in Thornden Park.

Leading to rustic beauty in Syracuse, N.Y.

Leading to rustic beauty in Syracuse, N.Y.

Pastures of serenity amid the students.

Pastures of serenity amid the students.

In March, I offered a winter scene at this Syracuse plot of land.

In August, I posted a summer view of the landscape.

I’ve tried to return to similar places and points each season.

Hover over any photo for a description. Click on the bottom right photo in any gallery for an enlarged slide show.

I promise to note on my iPad Air calendar my plan to share the pale green hopes and freshness of the thin slice of Syracuse spring.

Is Mother Nature finally yawning and stretching in your neck of the woods? What are the strongest signs of seasonal change where you live? What’s your favorite photo, and why?


37 thoughts on “My photo return to Thornden Park in fall

  1. I love these photos bro Mark. It would not be possible to choose only one. Do you realize you have trees with burgundy leaves? And I’ve been impressed with our red, gold and browns. If you could just get rid of all that snow I would ditch this area and move up there in a second. I’m afraid my cold matured bod doesn’t go well with your winters though.


    • Yes, sis Angie, right at this snapshot of time, it’s magnificent in Syracuse, N.Y. Then comes a lot of snow. Which many people also adore. I am not one of them, either. But these great months and other factors still make that side of the scale hang lower. Knock on wood!

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      • Last winter was a fluke for us bro Mark. I hope it continues to be a fluke because I love photos of snow, but really hate the real stuff. We had more rain today, so I took photos of some trees that have lost most of their leaves.I do still love skeleton tree limbs, and ice covered limbs, as long as I don’t have to be out in the weather.


  2. I enjoyed looking back at the other posts. The rose garden in winter – beautiful. Great to see the changes that the seasons bring. I always think that I’m lucky to live in a place with four seasons. I would miss them.


    • I’m a little sorry that I didn’t get the four-season idea until summer had arrived, Rachel, meaning I missed presenting them in Mother Nature’s order of sleep, awakening, bounty, retreat. I hope the awakening will be fantastic come four or five months from now. Thanks for your kind words, my fellow four-season friend. πŸ™‚


      • I love that description of the seasons – sleep, awakening, bounty, retreat – I’ve never heard that before. Spring is always a miracle to me.


  3. Beautiful photos πŸ™‚ Our first sign of Fall was when the chickens started putting themselves to bed before the sun was even down. Silly chickens, but they knew that time change was coming! I love Fall especially because I love the closing up of a season and the promise of curling up into the next season and allowing ourselves to rest, reflect, and plan for the next season. It’s such a cozy time of year πŸ™‚


  4. It’s finally COLD πŸ˜€ The Mister asked that the window be closed all the way. :/ lol
    About half the leaves are off our trees, and our yard is covered. I actually love it. Love walking in it.


  5. I live the vines hanging on photo most (nice arched corridor) and how nice to photograph the seasons at similar spots – I love when photographers do this – and things look similar here – but we just had days and days of rain and so a little less color with all the sogginess –


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