So we just regroup

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle gets quite the look on her face when the weather doesn’t cooperate with her wishes when I first open the door to let her out to face Mother Nature in the backyard of our cherished Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Thursday morning our beloved rescue mutt obviously thought the day Prior’s climb into the 70s F was a sign of spring to stay. Or summer, even. Who really knows what’s in that clever doggie brain.

Little Bitty drizzle.

Little Bitty drizzle.

Alas, her 6:45 a.m. pee-pee dance was greeted by a gray sky and damp ground. My bare arms told me we were nowhere near the last 24 hours.

Paw maintenance.

Paw maintenance.

Dejected but not defeated dog quickly retreated back to the porch, where she decided it was still warm enough to lie awhile and work on her wet pads.

The crawl on the wide-screen said it was 55, and the weather guy told my dear wife Karen and I that 58 would be the high for the day. I was as dejected as Ellie B, this Thursday being my last day off before starting the new full-time assignment in paint at 8 a.m. Saturday. I had hopes of shooting some warm iPhotos around town.

Not in the rain.

I had several novels awaiting that first crack open. And my new ukulele. There were many college basketball conference tournament games on TV. My bowling league kicked off the evening.

And weather man Peter said Friday will top out in the 40s. Oh, I’ll be at the store, I know somewhat sadly, for my last official shift as a cashier.

How does your pet react to the rain? What are your favorite rainy day activities, and why?


37 thoughts on “So we just regroup

  1. I agree with Paul. Naps are best, but books are also good, even better if fallen asleep to.
    Sadie doesn’t mind the rain unless it’s a heavy downpour. Sometimes she just seems to say, “No thank you, I can hold it.” If it’s bedtime and raining heavily, but we need her emptied, then we must go out with her and towel off after. Fortunately, those times are rare.


  2. Crazy weather you are having Terp?? Here I just go up to the top deck (30′ in the air) has a tin roof and lay on the day bed and listen to the rain tap on the roof. Ever so relaxing-the hubs comes for me as I do fall asleep rather quickly LOL Have a great weekend. Gatorette.


  3. Mikey, my Great Dane, refuses to go outside when it is raining. If he absolutely has to he will make a dash to the end of the patio and a quick jump to the Japanese Maple and does what he needs to do as quickly as possible. Maxie, my Golden Retriever stands in the rain and looks up at the sky. He doesn’t seem to care if it is raining or not. Such funny dogs.


  4. My little Bria runs out into the rain to do her business (after she peeps her head out the doggie door to check the weather). Then she runs back and comes up to me because she knows I will dry her off with an old towel. (I call it a spit bath. LOL!)


  5. If April showers bring May flowers, what do March ones bring?
    Duncan loves water. It doesn’t matter if it comes from above, or if he jumps into it. Wet is good. Mud is better. It is a good thing I like that dog.


  6. I hate when the weather doesn’t cooperate with my plans also Mark. Poor Elly B. At least I understand — at times. sometimes. Once in a great while
    Congrats on the full time job. Not keeping up very well lately because of limited time on computer. Great news though.
    Considering your even more limited schedule, I’m wondering if it is possible—? March is MS Awareness Month, and I’m trying to get folks to post something orange (our color) on the 15th of March to help raise awareness. Any chance you could help get the word out for me? Really hate to lay more on you, but everyone in the world reads your blog, sooo———-


      • Thank you bro Mark. Too bad I can’t just open my apartment for the day and show everyone how orange I can be, lol. After spending a couple hours coloring with bright orange pens, my fingers were a nice shade of neon orange, so no problem for me on that front.
        Different subject do you ever hear from Janette (Sheena)? Sure miss her wit and wisdom.


  7. What is your new full-time gig Mark? It’s been unbelievably warm here, weird weather… Hey did you see our two leaders hanging out on Thursday – I love seeing that. โค
    Diana xo


  8. You’re a ukulele-er? ist? Very cool! One of the songs I’ve been enjoying lately is “Ukulele Anthem” by Amanda Palmer. It’s oodles of fun. I forget if there’s salty language in there or not, but Amanda has been known to do that.


  9. I wish the rain would hold off for a few days. My back yard is a swamp. Cody doesn’t mind going out, but heaven forbid she find a squirrel or rabbit to chase through all that mud! Fortunately, we come back through the attached garage and can towel her off some, but the mud still gets into the kitchen. One of the drawbacks of having a dog.


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