A music fest, food truck and tap-room

An artist's rendition of The Cosmopolitan in Syracuse.  (From LRSrecords.com)

An artist’s rendition of The Cosmopolitan in Syracuse. (From LRSrecords.com)

Mark Turley of Syracuse indie label LRS Records dropped me a line about a cool event taking place this Saturday … Which happens to be the same day of the Hoo-hah that is the annual downtown Syracuse St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

“We recently partnered with this new building downtown called The Cosmopolitan (1153 West Fayette St.) … There is a new brewery called Beard Stout Brewery that is opening on the first floor with its new tap-room,” Turley writes. “LRS is providing 12-hours of music from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. for the event in their big, open first-floor performance space.

“A bunch of LRS bands as well as other local and regional bands will be playing. There will also be a food truck inside (Shattuck’s Paddy Wagon).

“LRS will be doing raffles and giveaways and stuff. We really want this space to take off as a cool all-ages spot in the city where people can attend shows, get a drink at the tap room, and frequent the other local businesses that are opening in the building in the near future.”

Sounds like a hot spot in the making.

Performing will be Ohne-ká and the Burning River, The Stacy White Suite, The Amazing Shakes, Bridge Under Fire, Judge Gazza, Shore Acres Drive, Dave Mallon, Stonelord Brothers, The Cuddlefish, Mattydale Music Collective, All Poets & Heroes, Steve Tarnow and acts to be announced. Admission to the all-ages show is $10.

Would you be more interested in a St. Patrick’s Day Parade or a festival inside a building, and why? Would you be most drawn for the music, indoor food truck or craft beer tap-room, and why? How do you usually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

19 thoughts on “A music fest, food truck and tap-room

  1. i love the holiday, love the parade, love the music and the fun. last couple of years, enjoyed a quiet happy one with someone special for dinner and music and a beer or two, and parade comes the weekend before. )


  2. Beard Stout sounds very lumberjack. No drinks with umbrellas at that brewery. Just keep filling my pint, and I will be fine. At least three for St. Patty’s Day please. Actually, Austin doesn’t have huge St. Patty’s Day celebrations. I think being Texan trumps whatever your ancestry is, so even though I’m half Irish, I feel no tie to it. Perhaps if I lived in Boston… I did, however, purchase a shamrock scarf at the Dollar Store last month, so I’m ready for it. I hate it when people don’t wear green and act like it never occurred to them to PLAY BY THE RULES THAT HAVE EXISTED SINCE THEIR BIRTH. It’s always the same day; it never changes. It’s not a new holiday. And “I don’t have any green clothes” is a lousy excuse. Go to Goodwill. Have some spirit. Drink some ale for Danny Boy. Will you go check it out?


      • Oh, yes, work! Speaking of that, my hub was just informed at his job that they have “summer hours” till 11pm starting soon. !! He’ll be home near midnight. 😦 Speaking of pints from fridges…


      • Come March 19, my opening shifts start will start at 6 a.m. (Managers in even before that doors-open time.) Our store’s “summer hours” extend on the opening end but not the closing end for the first time in ages, we were just informed, Kerbey. Your poor hubby, that’s so late!

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  3. Mark, it sounds like a pretty cool idea. Hope it takes off and becomes a huge success. I went to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Tokyo in 1996 – it was a most interesting event. Haven’t been to one since.


  4. Neat idea for a record company Mark. I’d prefer a celebration in a building as you can linger and chat regardless of weather.(And there is usually seating) Also I would prefer a craft brewery – food trucks don’t usually sell beer – a must for St. Paddy’s day. i haven’t celebrated that holiday for some time,I must confess. Going downtown with the pubs \crammed with drunk university students is no longer a good time for me. Indoor music festival sounds like a nice venue and time. Mind you there was a time in my earlier life when pub-hopping and singing bawdy drinking songs while swilling beer at long tables , was a staple in my weekend. “Those were the days my friend…”:


  5. Oh mercy. I so avoid crowds. The only time I really venture out with the loud and drunk is Fourth of July. When we lived in Georgia, we learned Savannah has the third largest St Paddy’s Day parade. Watching the news the day after is very disturbing. We always avoided it.
    A festival with food vendors and cheese would be more my style, but probably still too crowded for me.


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