It’s 60 already in Syracuse

It’s not even 7 a.m., and the temperature crawl on my wide-screen tells me the warmth that greeted me when I let Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle out into the backyard of the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood is the real deal. Make it 60º F. And climbing to 74, says our weather guy.

Hot damn.

There’s work to do, I saw while preparing to eating bologna sandwiches in my car during my lunch break yesterday at the store. I went outside with my bag because it was in the 50s at 3 p.m.

Big, yucky pile from winter.

Big, yucky pile from winter.

Before munching, I noticed how winter still needs to recede in the lot, and grabbed my iPad Air. The pile across from me was very messy. I park far from the store. Leave the close spots for the customers, yes. But the row gets plenty of traffic. And grime.

Not as ugly.

Not as ugly.

Back in the wings, I saw a more appealing pile.

Go, big melt. My shift starts at 10 a.m. Hello, big puddle?

Where do the biggest piles of snow accumulate where you live? Do your snow piles get uglier than this? How warm will it be where you live today?

25 thoughts on “It’s 60 already in Syracuse

  1. It’s 77 here in Northern VA now, at 6:00. Snow is long gone generally, which is good. It doesn’t usually last too too long or get too grimy. The worst place for gross snow is at this lovely park where I walk my dog. Right inside the path it quickly gets muddy and, yuck. And then I always track it home. I spend winters with a mop.

    Cheers to spring everywhere!


  2. I think it will be in the 60s here today. We are supposed to get more rain this weekend, which I am very excited about. I take it the storm we had last weekend has not reached your shores yet. Have a nice balmy day. Hope all that snow melts away.


  3. Wow, 74. Holy smokes. It’s going up to about 55 F here today and that’s the warmest it’s been yet. Our snow banks look about the same as yours Mark.


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