That sun still carries a winter’s frost

Shortly after 8 a.m. on a first-week-of-April Friday morning in the Village of Liverpool, the low sun and blanket of clouds gave me a winter’s shiver. The temperature indeed was in the 30s. Weather folks tell me we’ll get 60s on Sunday. Please and thank you.

The coming of the green?

What does a bit of warm weather bring to our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville? Just a bit of a burst of the perennials. I know they’re very likely to be covered by snow sometime in March. Still, they raise my spirits.

What will we see coming up at A Bitty Better?

It’s an exciting time at A Bitty Better. My dear wife Karen asked me if I’d seen the sprouts. Out front and in the back. Yes, this February thaw has brought green from bulbs in our new home in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. We moved from The Little Bitty in the Syracuse neighborhood of…

So we just regroup

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle gets quite the look on her face when the weather doesn’t cooperate with her wishes when I first open the door to let her out to face Mother Nature in the backyard of our cherished Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood. Thursday morning our beloved rescue mutt…

A bright bulb or just confused?

On a trip to my Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood’s Paine Branch library on a day off, I noticed some green shooting out from the small patch of earth in front. Hey, bulbs, this early in February in Syracuse, N.Y., is not the time to be showing your lovely heads yet. Too much cold to…