A walk in the neighborhood finds signs of renewal

A shared day off with my dear wife Karen and a continuation of the nearing-spring warming trend allowed a journey around our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood with our beloved rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle.

Appreciating the warmth and colors.

Appreciating the warmth and colors.

Happy dog. Happy us. Nice signs of life springing about here and there, we all noticed on many of the neighbors’ plots in the blocks surrounding the Little Bitty.

Planning went into this.

Planning went into this.

Some folks obviously put much work into their pieces of Earth, whether it be last fall or already this March.

Others may have done some planting in years past, and now merely allow Mother Nature to take her course.

Hover over any gallery photo for a description. Click on any image for an enlarged slide show.

When we passed Norwood Park, the home of the Eastwood Bears Pop Warmer football and cheerleading program, a trio of bigger folks — young at heart? — appeared to have another season still in mind.

Football tossing for fun.

Football tossing for fun.

They chose to throw the old pigskin around on this afternoon in the 50s F.

After our several-block loop, I took a look at the front yard hourglass garden.

Yes, it's starting to stir.

Yes, it’s starting to stir.

No roses or forsythia blooms in sight, but there are succulents above board, and a greening of the rose branches.

Nice. Indeed.

What’s the latest outdoor activity you’ve participated in? Do most of your neighbors plot and plan, or seem to let things happen? What season do you feel emerging the most today?

29 thoughts on “A walk in the neighborhood finds signs of renewal

  1. I LOVE spring (and fall)! Many of the trees are beginning to hit full bloom – like my massive fig tree that has covered itself in fig leaves the last 3 weeks. Redbud trees are strong in their beautiful purple glory, as well. Last week, it was so beautiful here, me and the grandbabies planted 3 types of tomatoes, 2 types of peppers, basil, oregano, rosemary, 2 lavender plants & 2 pots of strawberries – each granddaughter has their own strawberry pot. We spent all day outside & the girls played, going through half a 55 gal drum of rainwater – it was an awesome day!! We have had one of the mildest winters in years – we’re all a little concerned about hurricane season, because of it. Memories here are that the last mild winter we had like this resulted in a massive storm wrecking havoc on us 2 days before my September bday. Don’t kill the messenger, but I have even been out in my bathing suit a few times soaking up the Vit D. The way our weather has been this year – I could have a full blown tan already if desired πŸ™‚ ONE of the many reasons I stay in Southeast Texas . . .


  2. I went home for lunch, let Cody out, and came back with muddy paw prints all over my fairly new jacket (she got upset that I was leaving – again). No time to wipe them off until I got back to the office. Hubby and I need to get serious about re-seeding that lawn this year.


    • My experience at the store tells me that there are products that will make that reseeding process WAY easier than the last time you may have embarked on that adventure, CM. Nevertheless, keeping Cody off long enough to let the little guys germinate will still be the challenge! And, she’ll always jump up and tell you she wants you to stay home with her, right? πŸ™‚


  3. We’ve been greening here for weeks now, Mark. Hard to believe it’s March ! The pink-blossoming trees are already in bloom, bulbs are popping, the yellows of Spring are not far behind. ☺

    Enjoying every bit of it. 🌺 🌻 🌹 🌷


  4. I think I am the only neighbor actively gardening now. Several of my neighbors have lovely perennials they don’t need to bother with. (We’re much younger than most of our neighbors.) I’ve been out clearing the debris and getting the garden beds ready. It’s an exciting time of year.


  5. You are really getting some green going there Mark. We’re still mostly white but warm – 50’s – so it won’t be white for long.


  6. Sunday, one kid was lost in a movie, another was on the leap pad, another was on the Kindle Fire and the hubs was on the computer. I couldn’t take it anymore. I snatched up the young’ins and the old man and headed outside in the rain. They splashed in puddles and got wet and muddy until the rain started coming down pretty hard. We were only out there about 15 minutes, but it was just enough that when we came back inside, no one immediately got on the electronics. Victory!

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