A bright bulb or just confused?

Oh, bulb, what have your wrought?

Oh, bulb, what have your wrought?

On a trip to my Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood’s Paine Branch library on a day off, I noticed some green shooting out from the small patch of earth in front.

Hey, bulbs, this early in February in Syracuse, N.Y., is not the time to be showing your lovely heads yet.

Too much cold to come.

I think.

Can impending cold hurt too-early bulbs? Are you seeing early green in your neighborhood? What comes up first where you live?

41 thoughts on “A bright bulb or just confused?

  1. Same thing going on over here and in uk too. Although I feel cold, it’s actually quite mild for the time of year. I worry about the consequences though. If they get idled in a frost, what will happen to all the little insects and Bees which live on them, and then te animals which live off the insets etc… it has such a knock on effect. ๐Ÿ˜ž


  2. oops! i worry that the plants and animals are as confused by the unusual weather as we are. i worry for them. saw a caterpillar on my sidewalk and tried to warn him )


  3. Ok Mark, so I may have told you about our Chinooks (warm, dry westerly winds that give us unusually warm, sometimes hot days in the middle of the winter) Well yesterday, it was warmer in Calgary than some parts of Florida!

    I’m pretty sure that when bulbs grow and the trees get buds, etc., prematurely and then cold weather strikes it has pretty adverse effects! Enjoy the warmth when you can though my friend! โค
    Diana xo


  4. Everything is squwiff here we have all sorts poking their heads through. The natural order here is snowdrops, crocus followed by daffodils. At the moment they are all out together. Just praying we escape heavier frost or snow!


  5. Well obviously here in L.A. where we’re green year round, it’s hard to tell what might owe to an early spring, but I have been seeing some pictures from other bloggers that show evidence of early blooming. I wondered whether or not that would bode well for how the flowers do in the spring and summer as well.


  6. We’ll hit the high 70s today, though the heater is running right now. We have spinach and lettuce to plant, but we don’t want them to freeze, so they sit in the dining room in the sunlight, little potted things from Lowe’s, waiting for springtime. February is a hard month to gauge here; it can be 19 or 90. Still, those bulbs are a sign that hope springs eternal, no?


    • The difference in our climates floors me, Kerbey. Your spinach and lettuce waiting to go in the ground makes me smile widely as my temperature on the ‘Today’ show reads 13 and forecast calls for 8 inches of the white stuff today.

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  7. Actually, all I’m seeing out my window right now is white and more white. Fortunately, my house only got about 2 inches before I left for work today so I was able to get out without shoveling. Hubby will clear the drive, sidewalks and steps when he gets home later.

    We’re going to have sub-zero temps this weekend, too. I plan to just stay in and snuggle with Cody. When it’s that cold, Cody won’t even get a walk. She’ll have to be happy with quick romps in the back yard (usually takes about 5 minutes before her paws freeze up).


  8. Should be another few weeks for crocuses.
    It really hasn’t been a good winter for plants. My ivy and ground cover are still green and perky. My coral bells look like it’s fall. My apple trees haven’t budded yet, but so many trees have, I’m worried they will and then my baby apples will freeze and there will be no more. I pray winter stays hard for another month, at least.


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