We’re going to the great courses again

They nicked us for the birdie package again.

That means KP, Tater and I went for the package deal at the annual Syracuse golf show, the one that adds a couple of Central New York’s top courses to the base ticket deal. Even that $10 price admission to the downtown Syracuse Oncenter’s pretty good, considering that in addition to entrance to wander amid the sellers of so much golf merchandise, it also nets you a year’s subscription to Golf Digest magazine and greens fees for a round at Kanon Valley, a private course some 30 miles east of the city.

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Add another $25 to that, plus taxes, and for the second year in a row we’ll also play Timber Banks and Seven Oaks. Last year this trio of fine layouts got our season off to a good start. We played Kanon Valley in mid-April, Timber Banks in early May and Seven Oaks before it turned to June.

And then we three longtime friends didn’t get to play together — or apart, either — nearly as much as we want to this year, we decided on Sunday.

KP and Tater ponder life and golf.

KP and Tater ponder life and golf.

We’ll fix that this year, our talk went, during our traditional trip to the Syracuse Golf Show.

We picked up certificates for an extra half-hour at the golf dome at Turning Stone, where we went to hit inside balls and stage a putting contest for a first-day-of the Masters warm-up session last year. We also talked about how we enjoyed the par-three nine-hole courses there, and remembered the times we got to play on their expensive resort 18-hole layouts.

As far as purchases went, we all settled on a similar bargain.

Not a club this year for KP. Not a hat this year for me. We all went for a piece of gear that Tater usually picks up at the golf show because of the good sales available.

The deal: Four for $24.

The deal: Four for $24.

I went for the Cabretta Leather version of golf glove. It felt soft and supple when I slipped it on my left hand, a perfect fit. The four will last me all season, considering that I only wear a glove when it’s so warm that my hands are sweating or it’s rainy and my grip is slippery.

Let the dreaming of getting out to play golf begin.

What traditions do you have with your best friends? What’s the last bargain you found for yourself? What magazines comes to your house?

15 thoughts on “We’re going to the great courses again

  1. Oooooh golf season is approaching (rubs hands together like mad scientist), I’m so excited for you and your pals Mark!

    I don’t think my friends and I have a tradition, come to think of it. ❤
    Diana xo


  2. i meet with my friends for meals, wine, activities, events once a month to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. it’s a range of places and activities and always revitalizing.


  3. Ahhh, the joys of anticipation. Ha! Sounds like you’re getting all ready Mark. Nice looking gloves.

    Bargain- I have been honored by the gifting of a number of expensive items through the kindness of others. That aside, i still think the expensive, almost new, leather jacket that i found at the second-hand store for $6.99 a few months ago is the best bargain in a year. I wrote a post about it over at Willows last year.


  4. The tradition I have with my best friend Jeanette is for us to share good food and laughs, whenever possible. Fortunately, we were able to fulfill that tradition this past weekend, on her turf in Philadelphia. And the last bargain I found for myself was this post, Mark.


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