Now I’ll teach myself to play, thanks to my dear wife

My dear wife Karen got me, but good, at Martinfest on Saturday.

I’d pulled from a box a cool chocolate bar with this year’s party logo on the front and handed it to her to take home.

A bit later she handed it back to me, asking if I’d noticed that “Winner” had been written on the back of said bar of candy.

Nope. She told me I should bring it up to our great friend Michelle Martin, who definitely would do something of that sort at Martinfest.

Yes, Michelle exclaimed, I’d won the Golden Ticket! Out from her car came a wrapped box.

The crowd gathered. I beamed. They urged me to unwrap the box.

I did. I struggled with the wrapping tape on the shipping carton underneath.

Quite the Golden Ticket, a new wrinkle these Martins had come up with for their 2016 fest.

And then I knew I’d been had by my dear wife Karen and Michelle.

A happy winner at Martinfest.

A happy winner at Martinfest.

I am the proud new owner of a ukulele and the instructions of how to learn to play it.

The last day of January, my dear wife Karen and I had attended the Jazz Jam at Mohegan Manor, where I’d expressed hope to win a little stringed instrument in the benefit raffle. Karen had never before heard me say how I’d like to pick that little baby up. But, yes, she listened.

And now I will start an exciting new journey. I hope Karen’s ears will hold out.

What musical instrument have you always wanted to play? What song have you always wanted to learn how to play? How soon would you have figured out you’d been taken in by the Golden Ticket story?

37 thoughts on “Now I’ll teach myself to play, thanks to my dear wife

  1. What a cool story! I have a uke in the attic. I got it the 1st Christmas we lived in Hawaii. I used to play it pretty well – the only instrument I ever learned to play – but haven’t picked it up in over 30 years. Videos of you playing would be awesome ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I’ve tried several — flute, piano, cello — it’s just difficult for me, cello might be the least difficult. I own an heirloom ukulele, bit bigger than the one pictured, old Portuguese one. I used to let the older kids play with it, but it’s gotten frail these last ten years or so. Now it hangs on the wall ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Good for you. I hope you have fun in your new adventure. I don’t know when or even if I would discover that I had been had. I would probably think that I was just really lucky.


  4. Ahhhh, the old Ukulele winning chocolate bar trick – I’ve used it myself. Ha! Not! that is too funny Mark – Karen has a great sense of humor. It is wonderful that you wish to learn how to play. May the force be with you (and Karen Ha!).

    I’m not a musical kind of guy, although I like music,those who make it amaze me.


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