A sort-of-warm year for Martinfest

I had to attend Martinfest solo this year.


My dear wife Karen had her Saturday shift at the library and couldn’t make it to the annual better-than-Winterfest Bash in the downtown Syracuse parking lot thrown by our great friend Michelle and many other Martin siblings and cousins.

Morning crowd.

I took the early shift, leaving to join the party at the same time Karen left for her post at the library.

My yummy breakfast.

My breakfast combo of the sandwich prepared by Jason from a bagel made by his wife Ashley and a Kona beer was quite wonderful.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

Some folks went for a more sophisticated drink.

Rolling along.

The new adddition of Yardzhee made me smile LargeLee, too.

Super shirt.

This year’s T-shirt model was awesome, too.

Karen got one of those from the always generous Michelle, and a couple of candy bars, too.

She was missed, though, for sure.

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