Oh, happy day

Elisabeth and George Three figured out the perfect way to keep Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle from acting like a lap dog upon their arrival at the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Chewing over the holiday situation.

Chewing over the holiday situation.

They handed over her Christmas present.

Peace on earth for the rest of us that Christmas Eve visit as the dog decided to pay attention to the hint-of-candy-cane-colors bone instead jumping all over the guests, causing us to say “get down” every other minute.

My talented daughter Elisabeth made great use of her creative side this year.

Bubbly personalities.

Bubbly personalities.

She transformed a six-pace of seltzer into a squadron of cool guys for me. I hardly want to break into their ranks for a refreshing drink. But I will. Oh, I will. In time.

Karen looking hot.

Karen looking hot.

And she knitted a pullover ear-warmer that looks just marvelous on my dear wife Karen, I must say. That will make walking from the car to anywhere more tolerable when the temperatures dip around here, as they inevitably will.

It's a popcorn maker.

It’s a popcorn maker.

And Karen, while perusing a catalog, spotted the perfect gift for hockey-loving Elisabeth and George Three. They indeed did their popcorn maker built in the shape of the Stanley Cup given each year to the champion of the NHL. And that’s a big supply of popcorn George is hoisting in the time-tested hockey tradition beside the cup.

On Christmas morning, Ellie B was excited to see that there was yet another bag of gifts awaiting.

It's in the bag on Christmas morning.

It’s in the bag on Christmas morning.

Showing the spirit and curiosity that’s marked her as our beloved rescue mutt since the day Karen marked her as our’s that day at Paws for the Cause in spring of 2001, she of course chose to investigate on her own.

The toy was nice, yes.

It hits the walls as she trots.

It hits the walls as she trots.

Of most interest was another bone to immediately replace the already gone gift from the night prior, a thinner but wildly long specimen I found in WalMart that measures some three feet long that’s already been buried in the backyard once. And been unearthed to bounce off our walls, leaving Ellie B looking much like a drunken bar patron bouncing off the walls on the way to and from the back door.

Karen and I were alone otherwise to exchange our morning gifts.

I was happy to see that she agreed with my judgment regarding my best for her.

My dear wife Karen appreciated my compilation and presentation.

My dear wife Karen appreciated my compilation and presentation.

My dear wife appreciated my work aggregating and putting together a photo album of the shots I took with my iPhone 6 during our fantastic five days in Colorado for the Miner family reunion. The pictures featuring her and her four siblings and their offspring and significants I placed up front. The scenic shots from Estes Park, our stops in Denver at the Zoo and Coors field and several trips to Rocky Mountain National Park after those.

At the end I threw in copies of the first and last of the series I wrote here about the trip.

A new mug for me.

A new mug for me.

I adored the set of four mugs Karen gifted me to replace my coffee cup the size of my head. That beloved morning companion had developed a crack in the handle, making it a dangerous grab every a.m. Now I have a sturdy new vessel for my morning home-brewed Dunkin’. My dear wife had found the exact manufacturer, size and shape.


I hope you all had a festive holiday in your part of the world.

How did you celebrate your Christmas? What was your favorite gift given? What was your favorite gift received?

31 thoughts on “Oh, happy day

  1. My Christmas celebrating is usually the day after bro Mark, when the kids come in. We then celebrate my birthday as well, with them giving me the Christmas gifts first, and then birthday, in proper order. As far as favorite gift received? HA! a mug with a pricute of a rooster on it. My kitchen is decorated with roosters. I hadn’t found a mug with one before though. Fave one given? All of them, because I give from the heart, make most of them by hand, and try to make each one to suit the person they will be gifted to.
    Christmas Day was spent cooking, cleaning up my multiple messes, running dishwasher three times, preparing a wonderful dinner to share with my brother, and then seeing it fall thru when he arrived in the lobby and found the elevator had broken down again, and he couldn’t get up here. Crushed his knees two times in a row, and has my problems when trying to climb stairs, so my dinner was shared with friends, also stuck on the floor up here. One more chicken n dumpling dinner to make on Tuesday for him.and we will call it a year. Happy New Year bro Mark.


    • The kids have to share holiday time with a lot of family segments. We are very glad to get Christmas Eve as the tradition as formed for Elisabeth and George Three, CM. I love that you got the whole day, my friend. No wonder you forgot the picture-taking, settling into the comfort of that scene. πŸ™‚

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  2. I love the image of Ellie B. whacking into the walls with her too-long bone, but not letting go–no–never!
    Like Joey said, everyone was thoughtful all around–a family that truly cares about one another.: )


  3. That is a fun popcorn maker – and a lot of popcorn! Sounds/looks like a fun holiday for you all – things here were nice – mother n law was here and so nice – she is getting married in June and so there was new love kinda buzz with her and all that – have a great day marky mark!


  4. Hooray! Those are truly thoughtful gifts — I especially like the popcorn maker!
    I have to say, the excitement of Sassy opening a big box with an enormous unicorn plushie was the highlight of my day. She’d wanted it since Labor Day, and I was so glad to give it to her πŸ™‚


  5. I’m glad you had a good day. We got my son a Marshall half stack. Unfortunately it was a bit difficult hiding it in the apartment so he was already playing on it around Thanksgiving time. Just felt kind of bad we had nothing to give him yesterday. He took it like a trooper though.


  6. Great gifts here, Mark, especially these wonderful photos of you, Karen, your family, and Ellie B.! I hope you can drop by for a brief visit at Chez Non-Judgmental soon. I miss seeing you there.


  7. Merry Christmas, Mark … and thank you for sharing it with us! My husband got a virus in his Christmas stocking so he was tucked into bed sniffling and sleeping and feeling lousy and I spent a very quiet Christmas, just me and the cats. It was so nice to get to “watch” other Christmases unfold on WordPress blogs. I felt like I got a little holiday cheer, even if I wasn’t actually in everyone’s living room hogging the egg nog. Now, I’m just hoping not to catch what he caught … πŸ™‚


  8. it looks like a lot of love and caring went into these thoughtful gifts. everyone knows each other so well, and understands the things in this world that will make the other happy. great family post )


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