First half ends with a 7th-place finish

When last I reported in from the Thursday Night Men’s League rolling at Bowling Green in North Syracuse, our Cici’s Pizza squad was battling mightily to remain among the top teams for the first half of our season.

We finished first!  Among the second six of 12 teams, that is ...

We finished first! Among the second six of 12 teams, that is …


When the first 15 weeks were said and done, we’d finished in seventh place out of the 12 teams in our league. The last two skirmishes, where we’d one just one of the three games for two of seven total points each time, did us in.

I'm average.

I’m average.

I finished rather strong, though, and completed the first half with an average one pin higher than the 163 finish for last season.

We’re now on a two-week hiatus because, well, Thursday night happened to fall on Christmas and then New Year’s Eve.

Our league mate Andy took the opportunity to greet each of us with a gift this past week.

Thank you, Andy.

Thank you, Andy.

His realty company, Keller Williams, stepped up two seasons ago to become the title sponsor of our league. And now this.

Thank you, sir. I thought it was worth a plug here.

Andy is a good man. He ran a toy drive this December. Yes, I brought it a new, unwrapped gift for the cause. Many league members did. I saw them piled on the counter two weeks in a row. I like our league.

Onward we go in the second half. Oh. We went 2-5 the first week, too.

Have you received a gift from an unexpected source this year, and if so, what was it? If you contributed to a drive this season, where was it held? What would you do with the gift Andy gave?

22 thoughts on “First half ends with a 7th-place finish

  1. I received 2 balls of yarn and 4 hooks from a contest I don’t remember entering bro Mark. Lovely wool yarn more expensive than any I would ever buy myself, and totally unexpected. And a lot of money showed up in my bank account recently, totally unexpected. A gift from a friend, and mine to keep. I almost believe the old TV series “The Millionaire” is back and real this time, but no restrictions on this. Big Brother loves me, and is still watching my back.


  2. i love the take care of most any problem tool, a great gift in my opinion. i generally get involved in charities that involve helping children and families. there are a variety of them that i’m a part of now, and i love every minute of it.


  3. What was the gift Andy gave you? We usually get involved with Operation Christmas Child. We started doing that with our kids when they were small, something they could participate in. One gift I really appreciated this year was a full set of I Love Lucy episodes. On hulu they play the same couple of seasons all the time and now I get to see the ones I’ve missed.

    I didn’t send you Christmas wishes but you know they are there, for you and those you care about, and a happy new year coming up.


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