A dress-up party at the Landmark feels right

We skipped my dear wife Karen’s office party last year.

For some reason.

Saturday night we put on the nice clothes, drove the 3 1/2 miles downtown from the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, and mixed and mingled with her co-workers from the Syracuse Media Group in the beautifully restored Landmark Theatre.

All gussied up, Thomas Lamb's creation.

All gussied up, Thomas Lamb’s creation.

The 1929 creation from the mind of famous architect Thomas Lamb looked splendid as folks walked around all dressed up.

We ate some, drank some, talked plenty. We went into the main auditorium with the couple hundred guests not when prompted to experience a Syracuse Media Group worker perform a few holiday songs, and watch a well-made video message for the season
featuring department heads Tim Kennedy and Paul Thomas.

A photo booth experience.

A photo booth experience.

A popular party wrinkle was the photo booth tucked back into the Members’ Lounge. The line was long to stand in front of the computer-generated lens. The suited operator counted down five seconds between shots, in which you were free to pick your own props from a well-stocked table of favors.

After two of our three photographs had been snapped, the power went out.

Our selfie.

Our selfie.

As the host scurried about attempting to get his operation back up, Karen and I grabbed a few props and I took our own selfie.

We had to retake our official strip of three photographs once he figured out the problem.

This year's model.

This year’s model.

We did not wear anything for those, which resembled the photographs you’d received from the tried-and-true Classic photo booth.

Afterward, we retreated to Clark’s Ale House for a round with a handful of close friends.

It was a nice night for Karen with her co-workers, and me, with a number of folks I used to work with for many years and an equal number of people who’ve joined the new company since the layoff of 2013.

Do you go to the office holiday party or skip it, and why? Do you have a most memorable office party story to share? Do you have a favorite photo booth picture in your life, and why?

42 thoughts on “A dress-up party at the Landmark feels right

  1. oh, i’m so glad you both went this year and funny about the power out glitch. we have a gathering at school each year, but they are definitely calmer than my old advertising celebrations. and i’m happy with that ) merry christmas to you and yours, mark.


  2. I’m glad you had a good time! Y’all look happy!
    I have a photo booth strip of my father with the girls when they were two and three. It’s adorable. It hangs in the hallway. If he makes it back out to Indy, we should do it again 🙂


  3. Every year my husband’s company has a big party at Morton’s Steakhouse. We went the last two years but skipped it this year. I guess my husband just doesn’t get that warm fuzzy feeling from his co workers. Glad you had fun!


  4. I actually went to our office holiday luncheon for the first time since I was diagnosed with UC. I figured it was safe since I can eat pretty much normally again, and we have a good group of people in our firm currently. It was a 3-hour luncheon, drinks included. Needless to say, we all had a great time – and the balance of the work day was quite relaxed.


  5. Looked like a fun party Terp-Love the selfie!!! We had my hubs employee party hosted at our home again this year and we all had a good time. My Dad opted to take his employees out (it gave me a break this year). All in all it has been a great holiday so far! Merry Christmas and I hope 2016 is good to you both. Gatorette


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