Straight from P-Town

Good on a T-shirt

Good on a T-shirt

I’ve been mulling this idea about a great T-shirt around in my head since my dear wife Karen and I started visiting Provincetown as part of our annual pre-tourist-invasion June week in Cape Cod.

The saying is Straight from P-Town. We love this city on the top of the Cape because it is so inclusive of all types of people. You don’t know who you’ll see strolling with who, and, frankly, everybody seems happy about that.

Before this year’s trip, I contacted my great blogging friend Colleen Brown of Chatter Master and shared my vision. Colleen and I have corresponded previously about BlogHead and BloggyVille T-shirt ideas, and I love the way she draws. She provided me for a fee the design above.

My friends Julie and Lisa, from which we rent the Happy Cottage, provided me with a contact they know in P-Town. A T-shirt shop owner. To shop the idea.

I want to keep the rights to sell it online. And expand the line.

My idea. Colleen’s design. Copyrighted on this blog.

The manager of the first place liked the idea, but said it’s not the type of logo they sell in their store.

The manager of the second place liked the idea, said he didn’t have a silk-screening operation on sight, but told me the name of a third company in town that did. He said it probably would be expensive to print because of the rainbow print, but he’s mention it to his printing guy. He gave me his card.

The manager of that third place said the owner wouldn’t want to sell this sort of logo in their store, but she gave the logo the twice-over and liked it. When I told her the reaction of shop manager two, she said they’d likely be happy to print the shirts for him. She gave me her card.

To be continued from Syracuse next week.

Do you like the logo?

66 thoughts on “Straight from P-Town

  1. Such a cool idea, Mark, and great design by Colleen. You two are “pro’s” and quite a team! I don’t buy books due to lack of space but buying a shirt is manageable. Once these get produced you will find many customers. πŸ™‚


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