If You Are a Quote Lover, Day Two

It’s time for the meat in the sandwich for my participation in the latest BloggyVille tag game, If You Are a Quote Lover.

I was nominated by the quite polite Soumichatterjeenath of anunwrappedsoul so I accepted while on vacation in Cape Cod. Why not, right? I’ve been posting two entries a morning anyway while making the most of the time in the Happy Cottage and the land around us with my dear wife Karen. Thank you, Soumi. Take a second and check out her site.

Here are the rules.

Post your three favorite quotes, one each for three consecutive days.

With each post nominate three bloggers for the challenge.

Recognize the blogger who nominated you.

Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon in 1970 (From Getty Images)

Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon in 1970 (From Getty Images)

I’ve decided to stick with songs because music means so much to my life. Here’s the start of The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel. Please do sing along.

I am just a poor boy.
Though my story’s seldom told,
I have squandered my resistance
For a pocketful of mumbles,
Such are promises
All lies and jest
Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest.

Here’s a youtube clip for those of you who may not have had the chance to appreciate the beauty of this beast, or those who want to li-da-di again.

Here’s the link to the photo of Simon and Garfunkel up top.

Now my three nominations.

A talented South African poet who now calls Australia home and has become an important and supportive new friend, http://movingtowardsthelight.com

My talented colleague at the Blog of Funny Names and a good friend, https://fanniecranium.wordpress.com

A freestyle poet who I know likes the music angle if not my specific choices, my longtime BloggyVille friend and LA’s own

See you all tomorrow with my final installment in the challenge. Have a great Thursday.

33 thoughts on “If You Are a Quote Lover, Day Two

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  5. You couldn’t have picked a better song bro Mark, unless it would be “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” or my all time S&G favorite, “Sound Of Silence”. They had some good ones when they were together, but I just never could get all that interested in Paul Simon as a solo act. I think I am still angry that he broke up the duet.


  6. Thanks for the shout out, my friend. This will require putting on the thinking cap.

    Love your choice with Simon and Garfunkel. I used to listen to them all the time growing up. Sounds of Silence and Scarborough Fair are probably my favorite pieces.

    Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s installment. πŸ™‚


  7. I inherited a bunch of Simon and Garfunkel albums from my mother when I was a little girl. They are beautiful lyricists and will always hold a special place in my heart. I think I may have to follow in your footsteps by quoting songs as well, but try to also weave those quotes into an original poem. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m up for the challenge.

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