Hello, Atlantic Ocean

My dear wife Karen and I hoped for a little Serenity Now on the stools of the Tiki Bar, high over the beach of Cape Cod, steps from the Ocean House restaurant and the resort motel it serves.

That’s on our Traditions List for this annual pre-tourist-rush week in the Happy Cottage.

Alas, on the first true beach day, upper 70s and not a cloud in the sky, the white wood boards were pulled down over the Tiki Bar’s sides Wednesday afternoon.

We stood looking out over the blue water. I pulled out my iPhone 6, naturally.

Straight-on beautiful.

Straight-on beautiful.

Karen grew up in Los Angeles for her Wonder Bread years and then went to high school in San Diego. She’s a beach girl, always. But the Pacific Ocean held her fascination for trips with family and friends. I grew up on Long Island, near to this Atlantic but really close to the rocky shores of the Long Island Sound to throw in the fishing line with dad Frank from the dock. The roll of the tides fascinates my more now than it did then.

We both stood quietly for a few moments and enjoyed it.

Click on any photo for a description. Click and hold on the bottom photo for an enlarged slide show.

We will return to the Tiki Bar, we told ourselves. Dang, time is running down, I thought. More than halfway through. I did not say this out loud to MDW Karen.

Do you have any fun outdoor bar stories to share? Do you have any fun beach stories to share? When and how did you learn how to swim?


46 thoughts on “Hello, Atlantic Ocean

  1. I never learned how to swim, but I remember my first taste of the ocean at about 6, taking swimming lessons in Rhode Island. We lived there a few years. ( Dad was Navy)

    I wonder why looking out at the water centers us? I get a distinct sense of calm even here just looking out at the sun over Lake Michigan.


  2. Ohhh, so beautiful Mark. I was born and brought up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with the ocean. I haven’t seen it for about 15 years now. I miss it. I could sit for hours and watch and smell and listen to the power and pull of the ocean. Swimming was an odd thing for me. At age 12 I suddenly woke up one morning, literally, and decided to learn how to swim. I asked my Mum to make arrangements for classes and I learned how. Swimming in the ocean is a bit problematic Mark where I lived. It is cold and there are strong currents. In fact an amazing number of people who grew up within a rock’s throw of the ocean, never learn how to swim. I would bet that if you checked statistics you would find that fewer know how to swim in eastern Canada than in the land-locked areas of central Canada. There were few pools in the area because it was lower middle class and there wasn’t a lot of money for recreation. We skated on ponds in winter, played pick up ball in parking lots and ball hockey in the streets. I don’t even recall one rec center or rink or pool within bus distance. there was one very old wooden structured rink in downtown that was older than my parents, but other than that , nothing.

    Great post Mark – very thought provoking.


    • That is interesting about where you grew up in Canada, Paul, and the cold water and lack of pools. There were no shortage of pools on Long Island and nature’s water with the ocean and LI Sound, and still I am a reluctant swimmer to this day. Dog paddler if you will.


  3. Beautiful pictures Mark. I love the ocean. When I was a kid we vacationed in New Brunswick (Atlantic). As an adult, I’m a huge fan of California and our beautiful British Columbia beaches. And of course, loved the Atlantic when I went to the Dominican Republic. I must visit the Caribbean though, I must. ❤
    Diana xo


  4. Our backyard is the Atlantic! Oh yes I know how very lucky we are!!! We have always had an in-ground pool; I am not sure exactly how old I was when I learned to swim-young though. We have protected dunes (to our south) for our baby sea turtles at night time they are a sweet sight! That’s all folks!


  5. I spent so much time at the lake where my grandparents lived, I don’t remember learning to swim. I remember learning to dive off the dock and I was probably only 6 or 7. I remember being placed in the intermediate group of swimmers in high school, thinking my gym teacher did that because I sucked at the other sports, lol — but I got As, so who cares, really?
    I love the ocean, too. Not a fan of sun tho. I only play for a short while, then it’s back to the shade for me!

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  6. We always go to see the sea here in Britain; thus the expression ‘seaside’ – except for a little bit of the cornish coast which is not at the sea but at the atlantic ocean. I think it’s great that you guys have two oceans! Conjurs up a sense of vast space. I’ve seen the atlantic but never the pacific.
    I always wish holidays were longer.


  7. I learmed in cold Lake Erie but we did go to the pool. I loved the Gulf while a kid from Ohio visiting grandparents in Florida. Water is special in its pull of the waves, it’s expanse and sand is so nice between the toes, Mark. Hope all the time went well on your get away 🙂


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