A wet, green Christmas was OK here

So much sentimentality is hung upon the concept of a White Christmas.

Sorry, Bing, not this year in Syracuse, N.Y.

The front lawn is bare again in Syracuse, N.Y.

The front lawn is bare again in Syracuse, N.Y.

I did not mind at all that in the front of our house in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, the lawn once again had returned to green.

Going, going ...

Going, going …

OK, I will admit that at the highest points of the banks where I’d thrown the shoveled snow of several weeks back, the full melt had yet to take effect, but still. That’s just a wee pile compared to the waist-high efforts I’d stacked.

I want to take you higher. Boom chak-a-laka.

I want to take you higher. Boom chak-a-laka.

I’m quite certain this is just a short respite.

White Christmas or green where you live? Miss it or don’t care? What’s the forecast as we head to 2015?

60 thoughts on “A wet, green Christmas was OK here

  1. It was exceptionally hot here, too, on Christmas morning, but besides minding the heat, I minded the nasty sinus infection these weather fluctuations brought me! I woke up Christmas morning with a raging fever and sore throat, and I still feel like doo. 😦 But I’m glad you got to see your lawn again and that you had what looked to be a lovely Christmas, my friend! πŸ™‚


  2. No snow in sight. Last Friday, we went to my husband’s aunt’s annual Christmas party in Manhattan. Saturday morning, we drove from New Jersey to Oklahoma (to see my mom, dad brothers, uncles, cousins and babies galore.) On Christmas morning, we drove to Kansas City to visit my in-laws. Tomorrow morning, I’m having coffee with a classmate from KU before, hopefully, driving to Indianapolis for a friend’s 40th. Then, it’s the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning (and back to work in New York on Monday.) As you might imagine, with 20 hours each way in ideal conditions, I’m sort of okay with green this year.


    • You two are driving maniacs, Wormy, and I’m not sure I mean that in a nice way. That’s too much driving, my friend. Holy Schmoly. How can you do it? That’s incredible in a short amount of time.

      When I was 25 and quite stubborn and the owner of a brand new Ford Escort, I drove it from Maryland to Florida to see my mother marry her third husband. I had my two sisters and the older one’s boyfriend in the car with me but I was too pig-headed to let him, the only other one over 17, drive. My mother Told us her exit was at mile marker 350. When we crossed from Georgia to Florida we cheered. When he fit the first mile marker and it read One, I cried.


  3. I don’t think I had time to look outside yesterday Mark. Cooked all morning and when Ray got here to pick up the last of the food I hit my recliner and didn’t move a muscle until late this morning when I realized I was hungry again. Still too tired to warm any leftovers up, so I ate yogurt, then banana with peanut butter, played a game of Solitaire on my eReader, and passed out again until the phone woke me up again, then the friends started coming to visit. Shopping with a friend tomorrow, then hibernating until Easter. I hope.


  4. We were supposed to get a few slushy snowflakes Christmas Eve evening, but I’m not sure they actually showed up. Either way, Christmas Day was not only green, but a bit mild with temps getting into the 50’s!

    I’ve always heard the White Christmas romanticism stems from the fact that the globe was experiencing a “mini Ice Age” during the time of Dickens and Clement C. Moore in the mid 19th Century… which is where a lot of our holiday mythology comes from. May be true, may not be… but I’ve seen many more green Christmases than white!


  5. Here in my part of Canada it was brown, we didn’t get snow till early, early this morning. But now the sun is shining so what little we got is going away. So back to brown for boxing day. The forecast is for cold, colder and coldest coming soon! Brrrrrrrr.


  6. Mid-fifties here in San Francisco. A white Christmas is something that just doesn’t happen in this town. In fact, during the last 150 years there have been only six documented snowfall of one inch or more downtown San Francisco. The city’s all-time record snowfall occurred on February 5, 1887, when 3.7 inches were measured in the financial district, although some of the higher elevations in the city reported up to 7 inches.

    (I looked it up on Google.)


  7. A green Christmas is definitely a loss less hassle. We actually enjoyed a white Christmas for the first time in years. It just barely stopped snowing a few minutes ago. We didn’t get your amount though, only a few inches. Still beautiful!


  8. Beautiful green lawn Mark! πŸ™‚ Woke up this morning to snow, snow, and more snow. And, IT IS STILL SNOWING! I haven’t gotten my snow shovel out of my shed yet and I think I am snowed in. LOL!


  9. I am OK with either option, though it was nice that Christmas day was the first one this week where it wasn’t raining or foggy πŸ™‚


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