The ice cameth

My cold stroll managed to cross lots of snow to the edge of the Onondaga Lake Marina, where the warning signs were true. The lake by the shore has indeed frozen over thanks to all this below-zero weather we’ve had.

Down by the lake

I found a few moments and the courage to fight the cold to check out how things are going the couple blocks toward Onondaga Lake. The plows reach the edge, yes.

Great backyard pose, Ellie B

Cherished rescue mutt Ellie B doesn’t hesitate going right to the edge as soon as I let her out upon my return home from work. She knows it’s cold but she travel around to find her best spot for the moment she must.

That’s what cold looks like

All it took was a quick look out the back door to know that the work day’s worth of cold surely had made its mark on the whole darn backyard. Whatever had gathered on the pool cover, frozen. Snow fallen on the grass, frozen. My fingers on the screen of my iPhone 8, frozen. Finally…

A great-named wine for a blustery day

Before our pre-Valentine’s Day date was complete, my dear wife Karen and I stopped at our favorite wine store. After all, it was in between the mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA and our cherished Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood. Karen roamed the aisles, still in the mood for…

How cold is just too?

It was hard to get going Saturday in Syracuse. First off, yes, it had snowed overnight again, I’d discovered when I’d let Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle out off the back porch of the Little Bitty in our city neighborhood of Eastwood. As I looked out the kitchen window before my first morning coffee in…

Well it looks pretty nice

Things were looking pretty as Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle raced to do her morning thing off the back porch of the Little Bitty my dear wife Karen and I share in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Syracuse. The sun was inviting. Postcard alluring, perhaps. Vivid skies invited birds to the treetops off in the…