That’s what cold looks like

Backyard frozen.

All it took was a quick look out the back door to know that the work day’s worth of cold surely had made its mark on the whole darn backyard.

Whatever had gathered on the pool cover, frozen.

Snow fallen on the grass, frozen.

My fingers on the screen of my iPhone 8, frozen.

Finally feeling like winter, I’d say.

19 thoughts on “That’s what cold looks like

  1. Holy moly – that looks insanely cold! But this coming from a San Diegan for whom anything below 65 degrees is technically freezing. Sending warm thoughts your way!


  2. I’m usually laughing at you all up north. But this week in the sunny south has been anything but. 😦
    The only way I can keep my fingers warm is by continually typing. I may have to start tap dancing too.


  3. It hasn’t quite reached us yet MBM. I think we are all a bit up in the air about what to expect. Since what we would usually expect has been hit and miss for a few years now. So now we don’t know what to expect. Or when to expect it. 🙂


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