Nano Poblano unfinished business: Chatter Master wins The Name Game!

This just in …

Chatter away, Team Pepper.

Colleen is victorious as I tie up Blog Hop II: The Name Game.

Cool photo from Google, but the video isn't up on YouTube anymore.

Cool photo from Google, but the video isn’t up on YouTube anymore.

For those of you keeping score at home, the author of Chatter Master, the owner of Chatter Mind, the woman who can’t quite decide which of the M’s best fits her compelling mix of thoughts, photos and BlogHead drawings, had just four incorrect picks out of 17 in her list after reading the stories penned during Nano Poblano.

Here’s the Trues and Falses, as sent to me after the posts were published:

Blog Hop II Tally

Mark Bialczak True
Silver Threads True
Chatter Made It Up
Mewhoami True
Linda G. Made It Up
Lucy Made It Up
Debra Book It Made It Up
Doobster Mindful Digressions True
Fish of Gold True
Snoksred Avalanche True
Crawford’s Creative Corner True
Love Marriage Worms True
Destino Holley True
Nerdy True
Drunk on Life Made It Up
Cheney says it’s true with one thing false
Eclectic Odds and Sods True

Here’s the link if you’d like to check out the stories one last time now that you know the answers.

By the way, I gave everybody credit as getting Cheney’s answer correct since she said most of her tale was true. Thank you for some extremely entertaining guesses about the false element in her story.

As for the scores of the rest of you? Well, I sent everybody who played their individual report card. No need to get into name-calling and finger-pointing here except to say that last place was only four picks away from first place! Way to go, squad.

Colleen will be receiving a fabulous prize in the mail. I think she shall open the package with fervor and draw in a deep breath afterward. Oh, ambiguity can be so handy sometimes. Ah, nobody need be jealous, and my dear wife Karen and I will still be eating fine tonight.

Thanks to all who wrote and read the stories that made up Blog Hop II: The Name Game.

Nano Poblano Survivor

Did you like the concept of having one Blog Hop with an end-of-Poblano game element to it? Would you like a return of a Game Hop for Nano Poblano 2015? If there is a Game Hop, do you think we need a roll call sign up at the beginning to make tagging more efficient and easier? If you’re pro-Game Hop, feel free to suggest themes here.

23 thoughts on “Nano Poblano unfinished business: Chatter Master wins The Name Game!

  1. πŸ˜€ I won!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! πŸ™‚ I don’t know what the prize is or I would say I would share it. But I am looking forward to it!!!!! Thank you Mark for ALL of the hours and hours of work you put in to all of your Captain duties. You did an amazing job. And thanks for all of the fun provided by everyone. πŸ™‚


  2. Congrats to Colleen, who figured these out. I did not even try, Mark! So sorry but I did like the list and the “last blog tie up and make sense of it all” post! Fun group of bloggers and thanks for being the host with the most!


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  4. I too like the idea of a roll-call, sign up thing, easier to pick the next victim, um I mean participants. As for ideas, something like Fishy did is always good, as for others, I will give it some thought.


  5. I like the idea of a roll-call for the hop, only so everyone can get a chance to participate.

    Ideas…gotta think on that one…


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