Nano Poblano: Now it’s time to send in your guesses for Blog Hop II The Name Game

Fish of Gold

Time to take your best guesses at Blog Hop II The Name Game, Nano Poblano.

I told you there would be prizes come the end of November.

All you have to do to play is read the entries of those who wrote and guess if each story was true or made up.

Here’s the list of posters. The link will take you to their story.

Silver Threading
The Chatter Blog
Lucy at the Excessive Gardener
DebraB at Debra Books
Mindful Digressions
Fish of Gold
Crawford’s Creative Corner
Love Marriage Worms
Chasing Destino
Nerd in the Brain
Kim @ Drunk on Life
Cheney @ Blog Apocalypse
Justine from

Email me the list of your guesses to The most correct choices will earn that blogger the title of Nano Poblano 2014 Name Game Champion and something that will come from my via mail. If there’s a tie, the winner of the prize will be chosen randomly by my dear wife Karen.

Deadline for your entries is end of day Sunday, Nov. 30. All Nano Poblano members can enter. I’ll notify the winner by email, and you’ll have to give me your post address.

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