On The Blog of Funny Names, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

(From funnynamesblog.com)

(From funnynamesblog.com)

Oh, look at that pretty girl riding around LA on scooters with Larry Crowne. He called her Talia, didn’t he? What a funny name? Aren’t those things called Vespas or something like that? What a funny name.

God I love the movies. They can be so rich for The Blog of Funny Names.

I didn’t even pay any attention to the name of the actress playing that supporting part opposite to leading man Tom Hanks. Yet for some reason I watched “Larry Crowne” with Hanks and Julia Roberts not only in the theater went it came out in 201I but again on HBO, again if I was scrolling idly past … Yeah, it became one of those.

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9 thoughts on “On The Blog of Funny Names, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

  1. I think the word ‘calliope’ should rhyme with antelope, but it doesn’t! I am sure this is not exactly the direction of funny names you meant. Hmm… Hermione is a woman’s name. I am sure you will think this is funny, “Fockers!” What a funny movie and their name is right up there for making me giggle, Mark!


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