Sorry little spruce, it’s time to give up

You had a good winter life on our porch.

You had a good winter life on our porch.

I always show the success of the hard garden work and love from my dear wife Karen and I.

Some of you may have noticed a sorry sight in the background of some shots from the backyard of our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood home.

The little blue spruce we transplanted after a winter in a pot on our side porch has not made it, I’m afraid. And quite sure.

You can see how dead it is in the photo above.

Yes, that’s the one that we decorated as our outdoor Christmas tree last December.

Epic fail, I must admit.

You win some, you lose some.

Out came the shovel. It now sits in my yard waste recycling pile, hopefully to be turned to mulch by the city of Syracuse.

Thanks for the happy memories this past winter, little tree.

Here’s the link to my post about putting the spruce into the ground this spring.

Have you had success after leaving an evergreen in a pot for a winter? Any advice for what we did wrong? Should we give up or try again next year with a side porch outdoor Christmas tree?

34 thoughts on “Sorry little spruce, it’s time to give up

  1. This is exactly what happened to us when we planted a Christmas tree out in the garden. Too many days/weeks in a pot and the roots don’t know what to do.


  2. Too bad about the little spruce, Mark! I am not so great of a gardener, but I would think that it were possible to do exactly like you did, Mark! As far as other things in gardens, I like to get a pot of flowers and put it on my dining room table for a week, then put it on the window sill in my apt. I love tulips, hyacinths or daffodils in the Spring, a bronze or maroon colored pot of Mums in the Fall, but so far, have not purchased my Summer pot. I guess I was afraid it would die while on vacation. I put all of my plants in my tub, so they stay in the dark, with a nice amount of water in each pot. My vines and plants all survived my 9 day trip! Smiles, Robin


  3. We had a live Christmas tree one year that got huge when replanted it in our front yard. Different winter climates and all, so I don’t know what we did differently otherwise.


    • I think Karen and I waited too long this spring, Jeanette, and our little blue spruce was sort of on its way to D-E-A-D when I put it in the ground. I learned something from the experience, though.


    • I’m happy that it was a great little porch Christmas tree with ornaments and all, Jolene. Every day I smiled at it, and it got to experience Syracuse snow that blew onto the covered steps. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. aww, it served you well and i remember it fondly. i consider it a success for lasting so long, and i know it’s hard when a garden friend leaves you. i’ve never had much luck with a potted evergreen going the distance, though i’ve always hoped they will, they are in the ‘evergreen’ family after all……but then i am ‘hit and miss/trial and error’ style of gardener. )


    • I had to pull the shovel on our little everbrown, Beth. Sigh. But oh what a wonderful winter and spring on the porch, like you said! They must be hard to get going in the ground for some reason if you have no luck either.


    • We have a pretty good success rate, Mimi. We had a cherry tree that didn’t take, and that was a disappointment, but the flowering crabapple we put in its place is prospering, so that made up for it … Hey, you live in a spot where things grow. You can do it!


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