Our porch Christmas spruce is in the ground

From the porch pot to the backyard in Syracuse, N.Y.

From the porch pot to the backyard in Syracuse, N.Y.

We knew when we purchased the potted blue spruce in December and proclaimed it our side porch Christmas tree that we wanted to put the baby in the ground after the ornaments were packed away and spring thaw arrived here in our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Here’s the pre-Christmas post where I shared the sight of our little tree.

Sunday afternoon, I grabbed the spade, headed out to the backyard spot my dear wife Karen picked out for the blue spruce, and dug a whole to the proper depth.

I carefully shook the tree out of the pot in which it’s lived on our porch since December, put it in the hole, and surrounded it with rich soil.

Success will mean another deterrent for Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle’s wish to somehow get in the foot of space between our shed and fence.

Perhaps I waited too long. The needles are dry and sort of brown.

I’d say there’s a 50-50 chance of an evergreen life in our backyard corner.

We shall see.

Have you ever left a pine in a pot for the winter and then tried to transplant it into our garden? Was it a success?

36 thoughts on “Our porch Christmas spruce is in the ground

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  2. I lack what you call green thumbs and have the innate ability to kill anything green. That being said, kudos to you for putting the Christmas tree in the ground! My fingers are crossed it makes it to see another December 25th!


  3. But did you do the Iroquois pine tree dance around the potted tree first? Were you wearing a green hat? Were you playing “Jingle Bells” ? Did you leave a bottle of green beer overnight for the forest spirit? You don’t know much about forestry or proper gardening, do you ?


  4. i think that’s great and always worth a try. sometimes a tree goes somewhat dormant in its first season to try to recover a bit, but usually will thrive the next year. crossing my fingers for you )


  5. I will cross my fingers on this one! My parents usually planted our pine trees or evergreens when the ground was unfrozen. You did well to wait and I think the brown will turn to green! Smiles, Robin


  6. My grandparents bought a living pine Christmas tree for my first-year Christmas and then planted it in the yard and it lasted there until a couple of years ago when the city widened the road and took it out. Even so, the tree paled in comparison of your neighbor’s tall pines and no one else’s house was in danger. πŸ˜‰ If I haven’t told you lately, you have a beautiful yard! I just love when you share photos and stories from “around the house.” Great post! πŸ˜€


  7. I guess the only trees I’ve planted have been bonsais in the backyard. I’ve lost one of the 4 I’ve purchased. Knock on wood. I hope yours makes it. I can’t believe anything springs back in that harsh winter you chronicle.


  8. I agree with the bonemeal comment. Here I use blood, fish and bone – all ground up and in a ready to buy pack! Works wonders. I hope your tree likes it’s new home.


  9. Good work Mark – we did the same with ours – I was very sceptical but hubbie was hearing none of my complaints. We got it out last christmas, it served us well and now it’s back in the garden and doing great. Though it has given way to our new festive tradition of hoovering bugs off the ceiling πŸ˜€


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