‘The Other Woman’ makes a perfect payback funny indeed

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

By the end of “The Other Woman,” everybody in the theater cheers the way things shake down.

Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton sure make a good team against the cad who decided he wanted them all at the same time.

Mann is the star of this show, using the physical comedy skills that are carrying her way up the movie ladder. And Diaz isn’t hesitant about handing over the young beauty role to Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition model Upton.

Pity that damn fool man who thought he was so good-looking and charming and smart …

If you’d like to read my review of “The Other Woman” on the Syracuse New Times site, click here.


Have you seen Leslie Mann on the big screen? Do you think she’s funny, very funny or hilarious? OK, I’ll give you the choice of not funny, too.

50 thoughts on “‘The Other Woman’ makes a perfect payback funny indeed

  1. Mark?! Ark?!
    My Brother! I was (am) a Sailor! “Spit-an-Shine-Nickle-an’-Dime-United-States-Navy!”
    We don’t need no fricken’ Arks! We use Haze-Gray-and-Underway Ships!
    DDG’s and Aircraft Carriers.
    (Mercy Bow-Chops for the reply)
    Just kids havin’ fun…


  2. great review mark, it’s easy to feel the love this movie brought to you. i’m looking forward to seeing this one, sometimes you just need a funny feel good movie to go to )


      • Did you ever catch the show, “Will and Grace,” where the red haired lead, Grace was the character, played Lucille and Will portrayed Ricky Ricardo? They did quite a wonderful job of this! I loved her hilarious acting skills in her antics, too. Megan Mullaly played Grace’s secretary who did absolutely nothing but was a good wisecracker! I am so sorry, I forget the actors’ names and once I start a comment, I have had difficulty getting back to the comment, once I go off to research…Fun stuff!


      • Debra Messing did an able job of portraying Lucy and Eric McCormack played Ricky in an episode… I got back to you on this! (It follows the first one where I was stumbling around the dark, trying to remember the peoples’ names!) LOL


  3. I cannot believe I actually saw this on the first day it arrived in Columbus, Friday! So great to read about this funny, hilarious, physical pratfalls and all, movie! I loved the incorporation of the “Mission Impossible” music, and I enjoyed the way you started this post, with a great introduction and “hook” to get people to go see this great movie! So glad you liked it, too!


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