Yes, Melissa McCarthy can go way over the top



At the end of ‘Tammy’ the title character suggests that she’s figured the best route to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Who here things that Melissa McCarthy would turn down a role that would offer a chance at that?

And tell the stunt woman to take a hike?

It would look hilarious, no?

Well, the first part of it does happen. The rest …

By this point in her career, people go to see McCarthy perform larger than life comedy.

She does not disappoint in “Tammy.”

But those huge Melissa scenes aren’t the best part of the movie. I went home more partial to the parts she shares with Susan Sarandon, who plays her boozy grandma, and the many other fine supporting actors in the film, which McCarthy co-wrote with her husband, Ben Falcone.

In fact, it’s not the best McCarthy movie I’ve seen in the 13 months. That goes to “The Heat,” her cop caper with Sandra Bullock of June 2013. But, OK, Tammy is still good summer fun.

If you’d like to read my film blog review on, click the link below.

Is the physical comedy of Melissa McCarthy the sort of humor that fits your style? Which would you prefer, one actor stealing the scene, or several sharing the humor? Would you believe that Susan Sarandon is old enough to be Melissa McCarthy’s grandmother?

46 thoughts on “Yes, Melissa McCarthy can go way over the top

  1. I love Melissa McCarthy because she bucks the trend of females looking perfect in Hollywood. She looks like a real woman AND she’s hilarious. When watching movies, I always love the scene stealers! And it’s hard to believe Susan Sarandon is anyone’s grandmother because she’s still lookin’ fine!


  2. This one is on my to see list. I can see how she may go overboard though and that has been my concern. On the other hand, I love stupid movies that crack me up sometimes because well, I love laughing. Just yesterday Mr. B and I caught part of Bridesmaids which we had already seen and it was the famous bridal shop scene with the food poisoning. She was hilarious in that! I’m cracking up as a type this. πŸ™‚


  3. I love their chemistry together, Melissa’s and Susan Sarandon’s. I can’t wait to see the movie because I just want to laugh. I don’t like her for the physical comedy, though it doesn’t bother me. I think she has funny written all over her and that she does it well. Very well. I will have to see the movie to see if S. Sarandon pulls off the grandmother age part. But I am looking forward to it. It would have to go far to beat “Heat” though.


  4. i saw this last night with an aussie daughter and had very high hopes for it, but after the first few minutes: the deer, the car, the firing, and a few brilliant ad libs, i was left disappointed. i am a melissa m fan, but it was her usual character once again, and the other big names just didn’t work for me, they seemed wasted in their roles. i had a very hard time with susan s being cast as her grandmother with a wig, as she’s only 20 some years older in real life and i just couldn’t wrap my head around it. i guess i was just expecting another bridesmaids or black sheep type of movie and it seemed a bit of a mishmash of hit or miss moments to me. so, all that being said, maybe a decent rental in my book? )


    • It was not any of the movies you mentioned, that’s for sure, Beth. I liked Susan’s work but the age thing bothered me, too, like you. And I had the greatness of ‘The Heat’ on my mind, and that too made it harder for me to fall in love with this one. That said, I gave more credit to her chemistry with Kathy Bates and the nice dating guy than you do. Thanks for pitching in so robustly!


      • hahaha – yes, i suppose i was a bit ‘robust’ in my response, and i did really like the nice guy a lot too, as well and i loved ‘the heat’, just had a struggle with the casting of some of the big stars in their roles, and you know the rest….)


  5. I don’t love Susan, but even I know she is barely old enough to be Melissa’s mother, much less grandmother. Then again, that’s why it’s called acting. As long as she makes it believable…


  6. I like Melissa McCarthy, but really like her when she is a bit sensitive, like in “Identity Thief” and on her t.v. show. I found her ‘punishment,’ along with the way she bonds with her co-star in that one, is great. I like that the whole family come and visit her, while she is serving time.
    I love Melissa with Sandra Bullock, (very over-the-top humor) but so funny, in “The Heat.” I liked her in the movie, “Bridesmaids,” too. I think her relationship with Susan Sarandon began on “Mike and Molly,” didn’t it? Isn’t she the alcoholic author who hires her to keep her ‘on task?’ I like the way they are on that show. I trust you, you liked the classy and well done, comedic turns in “The Other Woman,” so I will try and check out, “Tammy.” Good review, but I am not on any of the different media, that let me comment on your Syracuse News’ items. Found this out awhile ago, but can still read about it! Smiles, Robin


    • Yes, she did play the overzealous, shall we say, drinking author on ‘Mike and Molly.’ I forgot about that while I watched ‘Tammy.’ Thanks for reminding me, Robin. You have a great mind for these details, my friend.


  7. I’m sure she is a lovely person, but my stomach does cartwheels every time the trailer is shown. I understand that she is her generations version of Jerry Lewis, but I just cannot get into her. And while I also appreciate that her new starpower powers ratings for Mike and Molly, it was a fantastic show the first two seasons with a ridiculously good cast. Now it’s just 20 minutes of her silly pratfalls and goofy storylines. The writers have done a huge disservice to a cast that deserves much better.


  8. Gotta love her!! I can’t wait to get the chance to see this movie!!

    And….I can see Susan as Melissas grandma, with a bit of Hollywood makeup one can play any age these days….well almost.


    • ‘The Heat’ was one of my favorites from last year, Mimi, because of the chemistry between Melissa and Sandra. Melissa is good in the tender parts of this one. I like the toned down her better in “Tammy.”


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