I find Angie’s new blog on Weebly

(From kentuckyangel.com)

(From kentuckyangel.com)

A month or more back, I tried to help Angie straighten out her Kentucky Train Wreck with WordPress.

Peace Love Great Country Music, who’s much more computer language terminology fluent than I, volunteered to help bridge conversations between the blogger and a help team to see why she kept getting locked out from her own place.

A solution to Angie’s satisfaction could not be found.

Old news.

This morning I found a comment from Angie on yesterday’s post about the butterfly on our porch.

So I clicked her icon.

And found Angie’s blog on Weebly. That’s what it looks like above.

I tried to click the follow button, but, nothing. Maybe there’s no compatibility with my world and Weebly, but I did bookmark her site.

In any case, I figured I’d share her link here, so maybe some of her old WordPress friends can find her anew, too.

21 thoughts on “I find Angie’s new blog on Weebly

  1. Thanks for the plug Mark. I haven’t figured out how to make the follow button work yet. I think it’s just there for decoration, lol. I’m still thinking it’s the outdated wiring system in this building, and the fact that AT&T has updated their system while the building hasn’t that is causing my problem, so after the renovation is over I’ll give WP another try, just to see if it will work. Weebley is okay, but not as user friendly as WP, even though it wasn’t all that friendly to me, but I really think still, that it’s my building’s outdated wiring system. And this time your comment showed up on the blog, so I did get that part working. Thanks to everyone who tried to help with the problems over here, and believe me, I’ll be back some day, I hope. This is where my family lives.


  2. Thanks for sharing this, Mark. I wish I had more time to try to figure out the problem with WP and her site, but it seems maybe there was never going to be an answer. And ditto what Colleen said πŸ™‚


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