A snowy spring hiccup

The front yard and garden, covered.

The front yard and garden, covered.

That is not the sight I wanted to wake up to on April 16 in Syracuse, N.Y.

Not when just a day ago when I took a good, long look at this garden in our city neighborhood of Eastwood front yard, I was noting the yellow flowers of this forsythia that’s the cornerstone of the carefully loved, hourglass-shaped spot.

On Saturday, I was walking around in shorts and shirtsleeves on the wine trail an hour up the road.

On Saturday, I was walking around in shorts and shirtsleeves on the wine trail an hour up the road.

Not when just four days ago, my dear wife Karen and I spent the day appreciating five stops on the nearby Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, yielding beautiful views of stirring fields and yards like the one above.

The green at Westvale Golf Club, with a waterfall in the woods above it.

The fairway at Westvale Golf Club, with a waterfall in the woods above it.

Not when six days ago I was playing golf just up the road at Westvale, where the sight above one beautiful green included a waterfall in the woods from spring runoff. That’s melted snow finding its level, to those of you who live where you don’t see that.

And, I was wearing shorts.

At least the sun is shining right now. But it’s 22 degrees, says the TV weather guy. The high is expected to stop at 38.

Oh, spring. Let the pendulum swing the other way to stay, please and thank you.

Did you get snow this week?

34 thoughts on “A snowy spring hiccup

  1. Thank you for sharing the photo of the waterfall. I was exploring the woods on the hillside just to the right of the waterfall as a kid back in 1970+/- and sat down on a rock that had a bees nest underneath. I was stung by 1000s of bees and ran home screaming. If you search the hill side there you will probable find my left shoe still there!


  2. They were saying we were going to have snow but I didn’t want to believe it. I was in the kitchen and just glanced out the window and we actually had a nice bit of snow out there. I hope this was the last one.


  3. it makes me feel better to think of it as just a ‘hiccup’. thanks for that mark. tomorrow will be back to 60s again here and the kids are never sure what to wear on the playground so we’ll just keep it all at school until after april i guess. lucky for someone i just donated my massive down coat recently ) love your pics too –


    • I am ready to drink from the opposite side of the glass to get rid of this winter hiccup, Beth. Into the 20s tonight here, clear and brrrrrrr. Up to 50s tomorrow. If it snows again before next fall, the hiccup will change into a $%&%##)^^$#&^!!! Yes, somebody was very happy this past snap to have that down coat of yours.


  4. Too bad about the hiccup but we will get through it sooner (or later!) I remember a few Easters with flowers and the eggs being hidden in the yard on top of the snow! Smiles and best wishes for a Happy Easter with your family, Mark!


    • But with Easter being a sliding holiday, I bet those Easters were in March, Robin! Happy Easter to you and yours, too. I went out today and bought fresh kielbasa and pierogi from the butcher’s to cook for Karen and I’s Easter Polish dinner.


  5. No snow for me today. No, I am the jerk that’s sitting here complaining that it’s too hot outside to do anything and wishing that my air conditioner worked better. And I’m envying you and your beautiful white blanket. But, hey, I’m weird that way. 😉


  6. Wow, when you said snow was on the radar I imagined a gentle dusting of powdered sugar coming down that would melt before hitting the ground, spring snow. I see you guys don’t mess around over there when the weather man says snow, he means business. Hang in there. It can’t snow forever.


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