Aw, shucks, I’ll accept that I’m still versatile

I let two weeks go by and I can hardly remember what awards have come my way of late.

I do know the first thank you goes to Amanda Lyle, author of the endlessly interesting Inside the Life of Moi blog.

Give that link a click, and Amanda’s work is sure to amuse you.

And keep that applause going for Shelly of Momzhappyhour for nominating me for, yes indeed, the Versatile Bloggers Award.

Shelly writes about life and all of its ups and downs from the view of a busy mother. Humor and sarcasm are two wonderful tools in her writing toolbox.

Versatile Blogger

Thank you, Amanda and Shelly, for allowing me to add this one to my collection for the third and fourth times. The badge has changed over the past year. The new version above is pretty sharp.

The rules of the game say that I must nominate 15 bloggers and then state seven interesting facts about myself as well as linking to Amanda’s blog and displaying the award badge.

Seven interesting facts about myself:

1. I am not the only person in my family with brown eyes.

2. My mother’s eyes were brown, and so are my sister Fran’s.

3. My father’s eyes were blue, and so are my sister Dory’s.

4. My eyesight has been better.

5. I’ve worn progressive lenses for more than a decade so I can read a menu without holding it at arm’s length.

6. My eyesight has been worse.

7. I used to wear glasses when I was a kid, and was stigmatized by what they called “a lazy eye.” Then I had an eye operation when I was a kid to fix the muscle and nobody called me cross-eyed anymore.

There. Now you know more about I. Er, me.

Here are 15 blogs worthy of a click-to-read, a new batch who’ve more recently caught my attention. No repeats from previous awards are on the list, and all have either commented on/liked a post of mine, follow this blog, or held a conversation with me after I commented on their blog. That’s a feat of which I am extremely proud.

OK, now it’s time for true confessions. One or two of you out there may have nominated me for a different award in the past two weeks. I seem to recall sending somebody else a thank you.

But I don’t know who and I don’t know what award.

So if you’ve been waiting for me to link back to your blog, say thanks, post a badge, and follow your rules, drop me a line, twist either one of my earlobes, and I’ll get to it.

36 thoughts on “Aw, shucks, I’ll accept that I’m still versatile

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