Going green just because she can

Can you guess the holiday?

Can you guess the holiday?

Sometimes you’ve got to search long and hard to find somebody you think is fully intoxicated by the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day without being fully … well, without being drunk.

Yesterday in Syracuse, all I had to do was drive to the neighborhood Rite Aide drug store. My mission was to buy a bottle of Nivea soothing after shave balm, the variety with the blue lid on top of the cream-colored bottle.

It keeps me from being a red neck, so to speak, after I remove the low stubble.

But I digress. The point of this tale is about things green, not a blue cap or red skin.

There she was at the cashier in Rite Aid. I couldn’t get to my iPhone quickly enough to snap the green hair and many accessories.

Lucky charms.

This stranger was still in her car when I departed with my skin balm in a bag and my hopes high.

Tap-tap on the window.

Why, sure, she’d step out to pose for a holiday picture.

“I always take off from work and I always dress up on St. Patrick’s Day,” she said.

Do you dress up in green for St. Patrick’s Day? What’s the wildest St. Patrick’s get-up you’ve ever seen?

32 thoughts on “Going green just because she can

  1. Haha that’s hilarious! I totally forgot to do green for St. P day… I did manage to eat a green sugar cookie though.

    P.S. the ad on here says “In 2 minutes you could change a diaper. Or change your life!” not sure why I find that so amusing but I do.

    P.P.S. Forgive me, I’m lost. Where is the post about you and your wife meeting??? and the false cover charge??


  2. When I saw this young lady I went searching for a picture of my daughter dressed almost the same. Green hair and gloves and that was her normal look some years back. I couldn’t find the picture because I have thousands of pictures in my laptop, desktop on flash drives, memory cards and the external memory thingie. I really need to organize my photos and put them all in one place. Any way She would fit right in the village in Manhattan.


  3. Not only did I forget to wear green, but I forgot to dress my daughter in green. Poor little one. I told her daycare we’re Mexican. We’ll get into the spirit on the 5th of May. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Another fun post Mark! Thanks pal.


  4. I wore a green and black striped sweater. Wanted to wear the tee shirt my sis brought me from Ireland, but it has short sleeves which just didn’t cut it in 16 degree weather, but the bus driver who picked me up at the doctor’s was going all out. Naturally red hair and dressed in green with all the sequins and shamrocks decorating her clothes. Very impressive.


  5. I did wear green to the grocery store (and I always have green eyes, just in case), but I didn’t notice much green being worn (except on TV), and I don’t know of anyone who did anything special for it. Pretty lame down here. My son got pinched a few times when he took his olive green jacket off at school, but that was about it. I like her zeal!


  6. I have never dressed up for this, but some years ago I did visit Dublin together with my daughter in the days, when they were celebrating St. Patrick. It was some of an experience to see, how much the irish people really are doing those days. The streets were green with everything decorated in green or green/white. Really funny to see.


  7. I can’t remember the last time I wore anything green. I did see a lot of people with bad hair dye jobs the past few days…. most looked teal or downright bluish. I guess it’s close enough for St. Patrick…


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