Ellie darling, it’s been a long, cold lonely winter

Ellie B and I wound around these Syracuse pines today.

Ellie B and I wound around these Syracuse pines today.

Three days ’til spring.

I can’t tell who’s getting more antsy for winter to leave, Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle or this guy on the holding end of the leash.

With the temperature creeping up — I can’t believe weather sites say it’s 31 degrees right now in Syracuse, N.Y., because it feels at least 10 degrees warmer — and the sun out in full, the dog and the dad took a slightly longer route through the streets of our city neighborhood.

We have a hundred combinations of streets and short-cuts, at least. Each delivers its own unique good vibrations.

Today’s journey took us on a service road behind an apartment complex.

We both like the line of impressive pine trees that flank one side of the path, as you can see above.

And what, you might ask, sat just above the tree line, tantalizingly too high for me to get the depth and breadth of the stately pines and the shining orb in the same photo?

Take a good and satisfying look below.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Thank you, our power source above, for delivering us your sun on this pre-spring day.

Thank you, Ellie B, for understanding that dad’s got to stop and shoot as much as you’ve got to stop and sniff.

Thank you, Pink Floyd, the Beach Boys and the Beatles for inspiring my caption below, line of text within and headline above.

Do you have favorite walking paths where you live?

39 thoughts on “Ellie darling, it’s been a long, cold lonely winter

  1. I can see, you had a nice walk today with Ellie B, I’m sure, that she enjoyed too.
    I use to love the walk in a big valley in the morning, I have close to my house. It takes around one hour + to walk this trip. I don’t know, who are enjoying mostly here, the dog or me.


  2. Hey Mark, let me explain to you what this is. It’s referred to as the sun. Sun meet Mark, Ellie, and Karen. I just know you guys are gonna hit it off! Enjoy!


  3. It’s nice having a variety of routes to choose from. Aside from some parental supervision and guidance, I am sure you allow Ellie B./Doggy P. to choose some routes as well.

    The sun being out was a reassuring touch today. I allowed myself to go for a drive later in the afternoon, because I had to drop my editing off. I found myself taking a longer road trip to and from Liverpool. The nice weather, the diminished snow piles, and the tunes created a great feeling to put life on pause for a moment.

    Thanks again for the SNT shout-out earlier, Mark.


    • Mostly I pick the route, but Ellie B knows how to make her preference known, to, with stops and starts.

      I’m glad you had the chance to wheel around the town and enjoy the sun, Chris.

      And I was glad to give you the fellow SNT blogger shout-out. (You did fix my typo in my comment, I hope, since you were wearing your editing hat today …)


  4. The sun came out today, and temps climbed to 60. Everybody I’ve seen is coughing from ticklish throats that haven’t decided whether to trust the weather or start building up for another cold blast. I’m so glad Ellie B got in her walk today. She really needed that.


  5. I like how you take us along on your walks with Ellie! This could be a book like one written but with a sad ending, “Marley.” Anyway, I like to walk downtown during Farmer’s Market days 3 seasons a year. I cannot wait until it gets warmer! I also like Mingo Park, which used to be the site of where the Mingo tribe chose to be along a tributary of the Olentangy River. Last but not least, my grandkids love the ‘creek’ at Blue Limestone Park, it is about a mile walk from my apt. There was a blue limestone quarry there, years ago… The train trestle is tall and they like the decorative graffiti on it, while they wade in the creek. (We fish in the quarry.) Smiles, Robin


  6. It feels like years since it’s been clear. One of my favorites! We have no trails to take any more because (contrary to the national economy) we are in a huge building boom–houses, apts, shopping centers everywhere. So where we once could walk is now blocked off by bulldozers and orange cones and just now–some guys welding an iron fence a few feet from our former forested dog walkery. Glad you can get sun on your face today.


    • I am sorry to hear that what some folks would call progress in repressing your quality of life down there, Kerbey. Forested dog walkeries ought be protected from iron fences, cordoned off my iron fences.


  7. beautiful mark, and i love to walk everyday, except when there’s ice and arctic temps. my favs are walking downtown and around and back and also in a beautiful park by the river, in the middle of the city, feels like you are somewhere else, the arboretum.


  8. Not immediately around us, but there are some very large parks in the city and around the river that we like to get to in the spring. Actual spring, I mean, not calendar spring.


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