So many additions to the home and garden dream list

This dog is a model citizen at the Syracuse Home and Garden Show.

This dog is a model citizen at the Syracuse Home and Garden Show.

It’s a project in its own right to weed out all the possible work that can await your home and garden.

Last weekend, my dear wife Karen and I took the short drive to the New York State Fairgrounds to take in the wonders of the annual Syracuse Home and Garden Show.

This baby has swelled to two big buildings’ worth of business representatives who’d be more than happy to sign you up for whatever it is they’re pitching.

We’ve gone with specific needs in the past, and have always found either the exact company or enough information to make our decision.

This year, we had two ideas at the beginning of their journey into our lives — and our Syracuse city home.

We shall see if and when the new French doors and refinished wood floors happen.

Every year, we also spot new additions to the event that open our eyes.

There was a big crowd around the booth for dog obedience school Sit Means Sit. The models seemed to have a fine time prancing their four legs up the runway … even though it was a simple table.

Hey, you can even buy a franchise where you live, proclaims the banner.

Karen spotted the satisfying fact that the humans in charge had crates behind them so the dogs could rest between work periods of getting petted and adored.

Also annually, I look and dream what could be if I had a whole lot more money than I do.

I made a list.

It’s in my weekly community blog post for

If you’d like to read my entire story on the Syracuse Public Media site, click the link below.

What projects are on your to-do list? What make your dream list?

14 thoughts on “So many additions to the home and garden dream list

  1. I have a board on Pinterest for ideas/dreams for the house. My children seem to take any spare cash (they keep growing out of their clothes!) so I make do with what I’ve got in the house but seeds for the garden I can afford so I’m fairly happy.


    • Seeds for the garden keeps you happy every year, I’m sure, Rachel, but eventually the house projects will come to the fore, too. And then I expect some awesome photos of that, too!


  2. Isn’t it fun to dream about how you would “landscape the yard”, what you would put in the gardens, and all the trees, bushes, flowers, plants, vegetables… etc. you would plant? That’s about all I can do now too, is dream.


  3. i always get excited when i go to these shows, or even when watching the makeover shows on tv. i am currently working on redoing my downstairs bedroom to be my creative space, and am almost there. next up, my bedroom/loft this spring/summer )


  4. After getting our recent gas and electric bill, solar panels sound like a good thing. I would also like rails around our front porch; we have cedar columns, but no rails. Mostly I would just like some sun and rain to grow the basil, so I can have fresh basil again!


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