Don’t you know it’s cold out here this morning?

OK, OK, I hear you Ellie B.

OK, OK, I hear you Ellie B.

Funny thing about Ellie B, aka Dogamous Pyle.

Every day, no matter the season, she wakes up with sunny-and-70 in her doggie brain.

A trip out the back door and out the porch should always bring her greener pastures, right? Or at least, her grassy backyard in our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Then she sees the snow and feels the cold. It doesn’t stop her from her morning business, mind you, but it surely does send her back up the few steps to the outside of that back door, awaiting the human to let her back in.

This morning it is 9 degrees.

She lasted, perhaps, one minute out back before that cute face popped back up in the door window. The lure of playing in yesterday’s foot of snow apparently was behind her. Last night, I could hardly coax her back inside. She wanted to lay out on the freezing porch futon one more minute, please. Only the word “cheese” would bring her in with the folks.

Unique, this dog is.

Smile, Ellie B, aka Dogamous Pyle. The world wants to see you.

You will wake up to warm in a season or two, good girl.


Does your pet like to go out in the winter? Or is your pet a homebody in the cold?

21 thoughts on “Don’t you know it’s cold out here this morning?

  1. she is so, so cute, look at her face, looking in. c’mon mom and dad…..and nothing wrong with waking up and hoping it’s 70 and sunny is there, mark? i like to do the same – tell me it’s okay, please )


  2. Mark, I don’t have pets because I would feel bad about them being left alone all the time (full time job and on the run a LOT after work). But my friend brought her dog with us on our freezing 3+ mile snow walk tonight. It was so cold he wouldn’t stop to poop. Just kept walking and letting it plop out. I don’t think he wanted to get his hind end any closer to the ground!


  3. You have a very nice dog, she knows, what she likes.
    My dog is only one year now, did not have snow yet, so I don’t know with the snow, but he hates the cold, so he prefer the short walks, when it is cold.
    One of my old cats likes snow, but not too long time. The other prefer to stay in front of the fireowen.


  4. Awww she is so pretty! If I had to go outside when it was 9 degrees, I wouldn’t want to stay outside more than one minute either! Besides, she is a female. She has the right to change her mind. 😀


  5. Love this, Mark My dog Maggie, aka Magatron, goes outside thinking summertime, and quickly figures it out. It is colder than Cruella DeVille’s heart outside.


  6. Lou doesn’t like to use the litter box if he doesn’t have to, so he goes outside. If you don’t let him out timely, he cries, and often reaches to scratch the couch. Of course, in regard to this weather, you have to make sure he’s not out for long.

    He’s the king around here, but he means well.


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