More snow. Repeat, more snow. Did I mention it was snowing …

Where I threw the snow off our driveway during clearing session No. 2.

Where I threw the snow off our driveway during clearing session No. 2.

OK, more snow in Syracuse is a no-news item.

Even when it’s come down all day, since overnight.

Even when I just got done clearing the driveway for the second time this Feb. 5.

Yet I couldn’t help but snap this shot with my iPhone 4 after this most recent flurry of snow-throwing.

The white stuff is heavy today. My legs are sore from picking it up correctly for tossing it on the ever-bigger piles flanking the driveway. And I had the help of Good Neighbor Tim and his snow blower for the stretch behind my car.

I’m pretty sure we’ve had a foot of snow.

If you think you’re sick of snow shots, how do you think we in our city neighborhood of Eastwood feel about the real thing?

And, Good Neighbor Tim reminded me as I finished, the plow hasn’t come by yet to push the street’s worth back into our driveways.

How bad has this winter been where you live? Do you shovel yourself?

38 thoughts on “More snow. Repeat, more snow. Did I mention it was snowing …

  1. Mark I really do feel your pain – I hate the stuff in real life. It is so in the way! Here we just have rain which for us personally is not too bad but parts of the UK are really suffering. High tides and more rain than usual have wreaked havoc. Part of the railway main line in Devon was washed away, some people are using boats to get around because the flood water has turned their villages into islands. If you google BBC weather you might get to see some pictures (I’ve tried to include a link for you). My nephew’s uni has evacuated some of the students because it’s right by the sea. No lectures for him this week – so a bright side for some!


    • That is a catastrophe, Rachel. Floods are a beast. I still have images of the folks of New Orleans fighting for their lives after Katrina haunting me. And I can’t get the post-Tsunami photos from Japan out of my head and heart, either. You are right. No more complaining about our show today. I will look at photos from your link and hurt for those suffering in the the U.K.


  2. More snow coming – from what I hear a lot. But I plan on putting on my snowshoes and hiking up into the foothills. After I shovel the driveway.


  3. you asked “how bad”, it’s very bad here, it didn’t rain as much, feels like summer. Nearby countries got snowed in a couple of times since Jan while we’re enjoying the hot sun, that’s no good news 😦


  4. I’m feeling this way right now in relation to the non stop rain here where I live! My grass is a million feet high (Slight exaggeration for dramatic effect), and the grass and ground is too soggy to have it mowed without making a swamp.

    I can’t get any washing dried by the sun.. Driving me NUTS!!

    I do admittedly like the snow shots.. lol they are so pretty!



  5. I’ve never seen that much snow. I’ve never touched a snow shovel. But the cold is so bitingly painful here that it seems like it can only be evil. Being cold is so uncomfortable. I’ll take 105 any day.


  6. i am so sorry, and i feel your pain, believe me. even the groundhog looked crabby when he came out of his burrow on national tv, and i can’t say that i blame him , hopefully we catch a break soon, or in may perhaps. as for the drive, i shovel some and hire for some at times, depending….


    • I loved your appropriate typo, Ann. I took a couple faux Tylenol, and all is well. Now I can continue to worry about your appointment today. I expect to be on edge until tomorrow morning … I hope your news was good news.


      • Thanks, Mark. The news was um …mixed, in a way … but in general … I’m going to say to you and to myself, not to worry. I’m still processing what I heard; I don’t mean to be mysterious. I did ask my doctor, at the very end, the question about my 70th birthday party and he said, “Yes!” So there you go.


  7. We got about a foot of snow up here in Ontario. Took me an hour to clean the driveway. What a workout! We always clean the road 2 feet in front of our driveway so when the plow comes by the mountain of snow isn’t as big.


    • That is a good plan for the end of the driveway. I go out a few extra stripes of the shovel, too, but right now it looks like there is a foot-plus of umplowed snow in the street, so we will get socked in when the plow comes, Paul.


  8. And now comes the deep freeze to refreeze all of the slush. We might have 6 inches in some spots. And ice. And piles. And don’t we all have more coming this weekend???? Ah….sorry about that. 🙂 Stay warm!!


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