Good news, Kaitlyn Jackson fans. She made ‘American Idol’ group night

Kaitlyn Jackson's open fan page on Facebook.

Kaitlyn Jackson’s open fan page on Facebook.

One of the most maddening pursuits in “American Idol”-land is the hunt-and-search for a favorite contestant during Hollywood week.

After the successful audition by Kaitlyn Jackson, the teen country singer from Norwich, N.Y., I promised here more to come about her progress in season 13.

I could not spot her last night as FOX made a big handful of Golden Ticket holders sing for their chance to make it to the theater round. Talk about stress. They had to sing for Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez. They were separated into two buses. One bus went to the hotel and further competition. The other went to the airport and a flight back home.

No Kaitlyn Jackson.

I did not see her in the solo performances of the lucky ones and the better bus. I saw plenty of tears and drama, and a lot of pretty good singers backing up the audition success.

I did not see her as the anxious singers were told to break into groups of three or four to compete in the infamous group night.

Apparently, my eyes are slow or the scene was quick, because Kaitlyn Jackson reports on Facebook that she made it to the groups.

A brand new fan page set up on Facebook to record her journey includes her comment from last night that she will be singing a Miranda Lambert song with her group on tonight’s show.

My DVR is set. The pursuit continues. We’ve seen her sing her original song about her grandpa in her audition. Now I want to see her hit the ball out of the park with that Lambert song.

Here’s the link to Kaitlyn Jackson’s Facebook ‘AI’ journey page.

Are you rooting for anybody yet in this season’s “American Idol” on FOX?

12 thoughts on “Good news, Kaitlyn Jackson fans. She made ‘American Idol’ group night

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  2. oh, she was a lucky one. how awful to be sent packing to the airport for the others who weren’t so lucky. ti read that there were some michiganders in there, but i have to track them down, as i haven’t seen this season yet at all. i’m behind!


    • It is hard to catch up with these two-hours, twice-a-week shows. I like to DVR them and FF through the commercials as a time-saver, Beth. I do not know how your Michiganders are faring … sorry!


  3. I watched one season of this, years ago. I enjoyed it. But it drove me batty not understanding how great singers were voted off. So frustrating. But how different it must be when you have someone to cheer for!!!


  4. Mark, I haven’t been following “American Idol” this year. Are the judges still using the word “wheelhouse” way too much? Skimming your post right now (before I leave for work) is making me want to watch the show again, though. I’ll re-read this post, more carefully later, but thanks for piquing my interest already!


    • It is a struggle every season for me to decide to stay-with or give-up-on ‘American Idol.’ Obviously, I stayed with it again. And I like the judging chemistry between (favorite to least) Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez. I’ve seen some wow! performances, too, but of course I find it’s hard to judge these kids at home until you can see them sing the ‘AI’ version of whole songs. Thanks, Ann, and have a good day at work.


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