Kaitlyn Jackson shares the news that she advanced again on ‘American Idol’

(From kaitlynjackson.com)

(From kaitlynjacksonmusic.com)

Kaitlyn Jackson has made it through the notorious group night on “American Idol.”

The only way I know this is because the 15-year-old country music singer from Norwich posted the news on her Facebook open fan page.

She told the world that the Shotgun Angels — the name the trio of singers gave themselves for the tense Hollywood round — had made it through. The night before, she shared the news that she’d made it past the sole singing and would be singing a Miranda Lambert song with the group.

On TV, not a note, either night.

So the guessing game has gone on in social media.

What does it mean when a contestant advances on this iconic FOX singing show without getting any screen time?

Some of Jackson’s fans are certain that it signals that she will go far in this season 13, citing AI champs who’ve gotten no play until the live rounds start.

I’m not so sure about that.

I think it means the editors had way too many hours of footage to edit into the three hours broadcast this week.

I also think it means too many singers get that golden ticket to Hollywood.

So I will be watching next Wednesday, too, for the teenager who had the guts to sing an original song in the auditions and so far has performed a Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert song successfully in front of Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez.

Thursday, too, if we still don’t get a glimpse and she says she’s still there.

Do you think it’s fair for “American Idol” producers to not show some successful singers on TV at all in this point of the competition?

Source for Jackson photo.

32 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Jackson shares the news that she advanced again on ‘American Idol’

  1. I watch this show faithfully. I am sometimes dismayed when I have not been able to see one of my favorites through each stage of the ‘competition.’ In years past, I have chosen (Chris) Daughtry, Philip Phillips and also, favored Carrie Underwood. I have been following this for the entire time. I am like you, trying to predict who will win. I also like to figure out ‘hometown’ people. I would like to see more of the ones I like! I guess the drama is their reasoning, as you mentioned to Beth (above).


  2. no, i don’t think it’s fair. perhaps they take on too many and then cannot work out the airtime with the number they have left. better planning and perhaps changing the format for these rounds might work better. it would feel like you were slighted i think if you made it through and were not on that night.


  3. I don’t understand why they didn’t show the successful singers, but they probably had so many successful that they needed to show a mix of the successful and unsuccessful on tv. That’s my opinion anyway because I didn’t watch it.


  4. I completely missed last week and I’m a big fan of the show. My favorite part is when you really get to know the contestants, so I guess that would be when they narrow it down more. Good luck to Kaitlin! When I think about whether it’s fair or not if they don’t give tv time to successful singers, I really don’t have a good answer. Except to just say that it’s their show so I guess they can do whatever they want. It probably would matter to me more if I was Kaitlin, though. Have a good weekend, Mark🙋


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