‘American Idol’ leaves Kaitlyn Jackson fans hanging again

Book cover (From openlibrary.com)

Book cover (From openlibrary.org)

Another episdode of “American Idol,” another two hours to avoid teen singer Kaitlyn Jackson with the camera.

Wednesday night, the season 13 producers resorted to a favorite technique. They served up a cliffhanger.

Yes, fans of the singer from Norwich, N.Y., still have not seen her perform since her successful audition with the original song about her grandfather a month ago.

Luckily, she and family members have faithfully informed all on Kaitlyn’s Facebook journey page that she’s made it past every round.

Tonight’s show will conclude the process of selecting the final 15 men and final 15 women.

I’d say they’ll have to show Kaitlyn within the format followed last night: show a bit of the contestant’s solo singing performance from a night prior, then the march up before the three judges — elevator ride included, for some — to hear whether they are in or out.

It’s painful to see those sent home. And even some who were told they’re staying have wet their cheeks with tears of joy. And relief, likely. Even judges Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez have mastered a pained look.

To make matters even more emotional, several contestants have been summoned to the banquet room in pairs, and told to sing right then and there, one staying, one going home.

Jessica Meuse made it; Jesse Roach was sent home. Best guess here is that they were picked because they look alike — until Jesse cried in despair and Jessica couldn’t help smiling.

In fact, the episode ended with two friends sitting in front of the judges awaiting, well, their ultimate judgment. CJ Harris and Casey Thrasher live 45 minutes away from each other in Alabama, and have become close friends during this season’s singing process.

They both sing country with individual twists.

America awaits word overnight to see who stays and who goes back to ‘Bama.

Seventeen of 30 finalists were revealed last night.

Central New Yorker Kaitlyn Jackson will here tonight. Her mom posted an interesting detail on Facebook last night, after the FOX broadcast ended.

Kaitlyn turns 16 today. Mom will be taking her to get her learner’s permit. Of course, they know how the taped LA auditions turned out. But they are not saying.

Ethan Harris, the 20-year-old who lived a bit further north and east from Kaitlyn, in Garratsville, N.Y., before moving to sing in Nashville, also was left for tonight’s show. Kari Crimmins, a SUNY Oneonta grad from Utica, was eliminated from Hollywood without being shown on TV last week.

Source for ‘Cliffhanger’ cover.

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    • The Orange win seemed to be another turn of fate. Karen and I were high-fiving. I’m posting a Syracuse story tomorrow morning. I just got back from bowling night and have cranked up Idol on the DVR!


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