George Clooney’s monument to persistent treasure hunters opens this weekend



Art will imitate life on the silver screens this weekend.

George Clooney’s historic project “The Monuments Men” opens. It tells the tale of the good soldiers tasked with saving so many treasures of the art world from the grasp of the Nazi regime, so they won’t be destroyed.

There was a book about it first.

With Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman, Bill Murray and more on the big screen, that book shall become more famous now.

Also coming Friday are “The Lego Movie” and “Vampire Academy,” for animation and make-believe horror/comedy fanatics everywhere.

If you’d like to read my preview story about this weekend’s opening movies on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.

12 thoughts on “George Clooney’s monument to persistent treasure hunters opens this weekend

  1. i’m into seeing ‘monuments’ but the others don’t really appeal. i like the storyline behind this one, and i’ve loved bill murray even more since he started taking on more dramatic roles. looking forward to your review )


    • I think I want to see the Lego movie at some point, DVD or cable, Beth. Karen is convincing me that it will be funny and cool. Yes, all of the Monuments men are played by actors that can bring it! I like the serious Bill, too.


  2. Great review and I am interested in seeing this one! I hope it will come to our local Strand Theater where the prices cannot be beat! (Over 55 card, gives me a ticket to first run shows, a medium beverage and a medium popcorn all for… $7!) Take care and Happy Weekend, Mark! I will be going to Cleveland to see my Mom, so may just briefly be on wordpress on Friday! Robin


      • It is an awesome, gold filigreed traditional ‘small town’ theater that has been renovated, even big, huge expense of new digital lenses and other technical stuff! Have a wonderful time at your tribute celebration of the Beatles, Mark!
        Take care and thanks for your kind wishes for my trip. Leaving after one half hour more of blogging, my time limit will be up soon! Smiles, Robin


      • Lovely ~ enjoy. In school they taught us about this crime. Art has always been used to manipulate groups. More than most people seem to really understand. Happy to hear this will be looked at. Maybe thought about.


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