‘American Idol’ never showed Kaitlyn Jackson after her golden ticket

Here's the day when the world did get to see Kaitlyn Jackson sing on 'American Idol.'

Here’s the day when the world did get to see Kaitlyn Jackson sing on ‘American Idol.’ (From YouTube)

The waiting to see Kaitlyn Jackson sing again on “American Idol” season 13 is over.

The teen singer from Norwich, N.Y., did not make the final 29 set in stone after Thursday night’s FOX broadcast. Although, once again, that was kept behind the scenes.

FOX producers went with other sorts of drama, such as making two of the male singers wait even more. America is voting, a new twist to the old show, to fill out the final position.

Jackson, on the night of her 16th birthday, posted a sincere thank you on her Facebook Journey page.

“Making it this far was an amazing journey and experiencing how a show of this caliber comes together from behind the scenes is something I’ll never forget,” she said as part of a long message marking this interesting adventure.

I latched on to Jackson’s journey only in part because her hometown is only 60 or so miles from Syracuse. In her audition, she had the courage to sing an original song, “Another Angel,” written just after her grandfather fell ill during one of her shows at the Chenango County Fairgrounds. And it was a good song. And last decade, fellow country music singer Cassidy Lynn Alexander had started her career singing at those same fairgrounds before finally moving to Nashville.

Maybe in real time, judges Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez passed along kind advice to Jackson when they told her she was one of the 212 singers who received a golden ticket to Hollywood who did not make the live shows.

The world doesn’t know. We didn’t see it.

So I will say, to Kaitlyn, but also for her family and many fans:

You are young. You already have found singing successes 99.9 percent of teenagers can only dream of achieving, ever. Keep working hard on music, but also enjoy growing up. You turned 16 yesterday. What a special time! Get your driver’s license. Hang out with your friends. Live with a curiosity that will allow you to write more touching original songs, if that’s the path you eventually choose in life. If you decide something else makes you happier, tackle it with the enthusiasm you’ve shown for singing. Good luck in all that you do.

Now I will be watching Ethan Harris' progress on 'American Idol" very closely. (From YouTube)

Now I will be watching Ethan Harris’ progress on ‘American Idol” very closely. (From YouTube)

As for me, I’ll now be pulling for Ethan Harris, the 20-year-old from Garrattsville, N.Y., who also turned in a brave audition.

He sang a Keith Urban song, in front of Keith Urban, to get his golden ticket. Harris engaged the judges before singing, bringing his guitar, which had an Urban photo taped to the back, to the country star, who grabbed a pen and signed it.

Last night, we saw clips of his solo segment in Hollywood, and the judges calling him into the banquet room and make him squirm.

Harris has an interesting voice.

Sure, Garrattsville is closer to Oneonta, but it’s only 76 miles from Syracuse. Local enough.

I guess I will keep watching. And hoping that Harris will sing again on TV.

Click here to find Jackson’s audition on YouTube.

Click here to find Harris’ audition on YouTube.

Do you think this ‘American Idol’ experience can help Kaitlyn Jackson the 16-year-old’s journey in life?

13 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ never showed Kaitlyn Jackson after her golden ticket

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  2. aww, i’m sad for her. (and for you). but i do think it will help her. she is young. she has experienced the ‘belly of the beast’ and performed on national television. she will have advice from those already ensconced in the business, along with others just beginning. and she will learn and grow and we may see her again. it sill must have been very hard, because it’s hard to see the world in a bigger perspective when you are young and haven’t experienced much of it yet. best of luck to your new hopeful. )


  3. I was sorry about not seeing Kaitlyn perform again. I have a couple of my ‘favorites,’ but will wait to let everyone know. I think our Ohio girl is gone, too. I enjoyed the mainly fair judging and wish some of the really talented ones could have stayed longer, it is a tough competition this year! Smiles, Robin


  4. Hey, New York “anywhere” is hometown to all of us, and it’s important to support whether it is sending the best of luck (for those of us who are not watching) or sitting on the edge of one’s seat.

    Plus, I am a SUNY Oneonta alum, so kudos!


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