In ‘Her,’ Scarlett Johansson has Joaquin Phoenix from hello



In the movie “Her,” Theodore Twombly makes his living writing letters for other people.

His skills are appreciated. He’s got plenty of repeat clients, folks who trust him to put their thoughts and wishes into the perfect words.

I think that would be a pretty cool job.

Of course, in Los Angeles of the future, all Joaquin Phoenix has to do while playing Twombly is talk into his computer. The digital world does the rest, putting his prose on virtual stationary, even.

But computers do way more impressive things than that in “Her.”

Beware the flirty Operating System. Samantha, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, completely wins Twombley over.

That intriguing concept makes for an interesting two hours.

To read my whole review on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.

8 thoughts on “In ‘Her,’ Scarlett Johansson has Joaquin Phoenix from hello

  1. I’m late to check back Mark but it seems like ‘Her’ is worth a watch! I saw ‘American Hustle’ last night and loved all the over-the-top performances. Not to mention the hair and outfits. Quite surprised by all the Oscar hype around it, though. I think it’s too recent a release for me to work out whether it lives up to it or not!


  2. gosh, add another to my list of must sees. hopefully nebraska and august this week and on from there – another review well written, and inspiring people to see another well done movie.


  3. Ooops! Speaking of the Here and Now; my previous comment, above, is in the There. Perhaps because my Now is the middle of the night, I got lost. So the previous comment is meant to apply to the previous post. In this comment, I shall more appropriately praise your current post on the movie “Her,” which I also enjoyed and appreciated. Perhaps Scarlett Johansson’s character would not have made such a mistake as mine whilst commenting on a blog. Thanks for creating so many great posts that I get confused, Mark.


    • Blogs are the anti-‘Her,’ wouldn’t you say, Ann? We only get the words, never the physical voice, and still we develop true relationships. Somebody should make a movie about it, the here and now!


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