When snow is kind of sickening

Hey, wanna see a dirty picture?

No, not that type of dirty picture. I try to run a family-friendly blog here.

Those of you who think snow is the be-all and end-all might be wondering how those of us who live in what I shall call so accurately the snowbelt can get sick of that magical white stuff that floats down from the sky.

A walk yesterday with Ellie B, aka Dogamous Pyle, through our Syracuse city neighborhood reinforced my answer.

Even my pooch would not sniff this dirty snowpile.

This is what snow becomes around here after it’s pushed into a big bunch. There it sits, attracting every stray twig, leaf, dislodged grass clump, ball of road salt, grain of sand, and ugly portion of all things nasty in the immediate area.

Beautiful it is not.

I know that the No Name Diner must push the parking lot snow somewhere.

I know that the No Name Diner must push the parking lot snow somewhere.

Does a pile like this make you wish for new snow to cover it up?

19 thoughts on “When snow is kind of sickening

  1. I agree completely. The only good thing about snow is how pretty it is and moving it into piles where it accumulates “stuff” is the worst. Especially car exhaust.


  2. It’s kind of like when you have short hair and want to grow it long. It gets to that unmanageable point where you’re half mad trying to decide to cut it all off again or let it keep growing. Well…it’s kind of like that.

    I say more snow to cover it up. I do NOT like this not winter not spring mess!!!


  3. I was thinking about the snow issue this morning. It takes a toll on your feelings as you look around Syracuse. It’s dreary, the snow, which doesn’t help with the aesthetic value. The cold rain doesn’t help as well.

    Not to worry: the snow will melt or we’ll get a fresh layer.

    By the way, you’ve got me craving No Name Diner now. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. Might have to go for breakfast.some day this week.


    • It’s really good these days, Chris. The niece, Kellie, took it over from her uncle after a period in which it was closed. For a bit, it was actually the spot for Hammi’s barbecue. I was glad when the No Name Diner came back!


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