Give us one year, Hollywood, to keep things in the present



The big thinkers in the main offices of the Syracuse New Times tasked us writers with a challenge.

What would you like to see happen on the beat you cover for the new year.

As I’ve been sharing here twice a week, I blog about film for this energetic Syracuse alternative newspaper’s site.

The direct order from editor-in-chief Larry Dietrich, in fact, was to write about what you’d want to happen, not what you expect to happen or what you think might happen.

I took a leap. (I tend to do that every now and again.)

My wish for Hollywood is to put all of the futuristic fantasy and recreated history on the shelf for one year.

Why, you ask?

You’ll have to go there to find out.

To read the entire post on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.

5 thoughts on “Give us one year, Hollywood, to keep things in the present

  1. Mark … I’m with Chatter Master. I love animated films. Fortunately, I also love suspense, mystery, destination films (Midnight in Paris, Charade – also set in Paris) and action. So I’m with you on the rest of your wish list.

    If I could add to that list, I’d like a moratorium on remaking classic films. They were excellent the first time around. Come up with a new idea for heavens sake. 😉


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