Ellie B’s first day at the ballpark wasn’t ruff at all

Ellie B and I savor her first trip to the ballpark.

Ellie B and I savor her first trip to the ballpark.

We took Ellie B to the park today.

No, not Norwood Park in Eastwood. We walk our dear Dogamous Pyle there whenever we can.

Not the Good Dog Park near Onondaga Lake, either. Karen and I have let our beloved adopted pet run with the pack there.

But not today.

As we ate our bagels this morning, I promised Ellie B a special trip.

The Syracuse Chiefs opened the gates of NBT Bank Stadium to dog lovers and their canines for a Sunday matinee.

Our pooch watches the Mets with us on home flat screen. We figured she’d love baseball in the flesh.

Ellie B stretched out in the first-base-side sun as the visiting Durham Bulls warmed up in front of us. Pitching coach Neil Allen reached over the rail to the first row and gave a scratch. She smiled. Neil Allen began his career as a Met in 1979. Even though Ellie B is only 3, she acted like she understood Mr. Allen’s pedigree.

Then she watched the New York State Police dogs march through their impressive paces guided by troopers. Ellie B looked like she’d like to join the fun.

Before the first pitch, we retreated up the stands to find some shade. Ellie sniffed some new friends. She let people pat her head. She sat on our laps too much for a 60-pounder. She was the first dog to bark along with the National Anthem, beginning a chorus of patriotic dogs.

She shed a bunch, leaving what looked like most of her summer coat behind when we left.

The Chiefs organization did it right, handing out disposable doggie water bowls when you entered and putting a kiddie pool on the concourse for any canines feeling the heat. Rescue groups manned tables, handing out treats, holding raffles and volunteering helpful information.

We lasted six innings. The score was tied 3-3, but Ellie B was ready to go back to Eastwood and run in the backyard.

Good timing. The Chiefs lost 13-3.

I haven’t shared the news yet with Ellie B. I’d rather watch her dash around the grass and wonder if she’s imagining herself scoring from second base on a single to left.

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