Is April 30 too early to give up on the Mets?

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It’s a long season.

So true, for so many things.

But today I come to talk about baseball. Tomorrow it’s May. One month will be in the books for baseball fans everywhere.

I root for the Mets. Let’s Go Mets has been echoing through my brain since I started appreciating the thrill of victory and agony of defeat.

Last night I stayed up to the very end of the extra inning game for my Metsies down in Miami. The Marlins had tied it up 2-2 in the bottom of the ninth, and there it had stayed until the New York squad scored a run in the top of the 15th. The Marlins promptly scored two in the bottom of the inning to take the first game of the series 4-3.

The Mets have lost five in a row. Their record has fallen to 10-14. Now, that’s still better than Miami’s mark of 7-19. Little solace for Mets fans.

The good start? Goodbye. Phenom pitcher Matt Harvey failed to win last night. Franchise third baseman David Wright skipped the start because of a stiff neck.

Now, I knew this was what they like to call a rebuilding season. No way the Mets stack up, what with a thin pitching staff and thinner payroll.

But the squad was managed well by Terry Collins these first four weeks of the season. New catcher John Buck has hit nine homers. The team was playing with enthusiasm.

Now, I know it’s a long season. But what will that mean for the Mets? A rebound, hope for sneaking in as a wild card, more realistic goals of .500 ball? Or a long, torturous slide to the bottom of the heap and further irrelevancy?

Is April 30 too early to give up on your baseball team?

3 thoughts on “Is April 30 too early to give up on the Mets?

    • Of course, us Mets fans know that Murph in the day was talking about Rheingold, the first beer of our Metropolitans. Sing along, My beer is Rheingold, the dry beer. Ask for Rheingold whenever you buy beer. Extra smooth, extra light, it’s the beer drinkers’ delight … or something like that. Isn’t it funny what sticks in your head from the 60s, hey MC? Anybody for a game of punt on the hill?


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