Put flashing lights on the bridge, says George Two

Can’t seem to miss it.

A truck seems to smack into the bridge on our Onondaga Lake Parkway, oh, once a week. In fact, the news broadcast just said it’s been hit 49 times in three years and three times in the last month.

What, no notice of it’s low clearance?

Yes, that’s low.

We who live around the bridge see the abundant signs.

Warnings line the route on both sides.

Commercial traffic is not allowed on the road.

Plenty of road ahead for trucks to turn around.

And yet.

On our drive-around day, George Two proclaimed the darn bridge needs flashing lights right on its trestle.

Me? My idea is to build a roadside obstacle with a moveable plastic bar reaching out that’s set at 10-9 a couple hundred yards from the bridge on both sides that would set off lights and sirens but not damage the too-high vehicle.

What do you think about our bridge that regularly causes havoc? And, yes, working trains use it as a crossing.

By the way, the issue is so pressing our local CBS station is holding and television a town forum on the low bridge at 5 p.m. today.


8 thoughts on “Put flashing lights on the bridge, says George Two

  1. Recently a young man, from St. Louis, was interviewed after he “stuck” the delivery truck under a low bridge. I was so proud when this “kid” said (on live TV), “It was my own fault and I should be fired for Googling to see the address and missed the SIGN!” I loved him! To some flashing lights wouldn’t enough lol 😂. I’m with you that’s a good start to help solve this issue! It’s worse and worse now because of distractions. Crazy!!


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