We know the eagles are at our lake

Right on!

One of our drive-around hopes was to catch a glimpse (and photo) of one of the hundred or so American bald eagles that call the trees that surround our Onondaga Lake home these days.

We pulled into several spots we know they like. I’ve seen them flying and resting in branches. No luck for us though, in the trees or sky.

Fortunately, George Two had one to text me that a family member had sent him from an advantageous workplace location earlier that day.


6 thoughts on “We know the eagles are at our lake

    • Have a great weekend, Nance! Yesterday a majestic bald eagle flew directly over my car windshield about 20 feet up as I was driving to the local Wegmans! They seem to be spreading more from the shore to me. I’m wowed.

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    • George Three spotted one on our Sunday drive this week, Beth, but by the time we pulled the car over and walked to the group of trees, the beauty heard us and flew away as we both pulled out our phones!

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