Kids will play

Busy enjoying spring.

It only took a warm and sunny spring day and a loop around Wegmans Landing playground to remind me that the young ones and the folks who care from them get so much out of this great space during our nice months.

I used to get an eye and earful of the joy when we set up our Liverpool Public Library outreach book bike cart at about this very spot during the great summertimes before I retired early this year from my satisfying communications job.


9 thoughts on “Kids will play

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to see our little humans, and those over them, taking advantage of our great outdoors when they can? I’m sure so much gives you beautiful reminders of the impact of your position, too! Happy Monday, my friend! Make it great!


  2. Grab every beautiful day!
    I wish a library cart would pass by my house. It is an effort to go any place anymore. It’s hard to curl up when reading on a computer. 😦
    I used to check out 10 or more books at a time. I read three at a time: one for the patio, one for the bedroom and one for the living room. (I can read with the TV on.)


    • I am visiting my library (yes, same one where I worked) frequently to continue to fill my reading needs, ladysighs. I too prefer the paper book in my hand after reading newspapers and magazine sites on my iPad. It’s a good think that my library takes books out to the community with their outreach van and cart, for sure, for people who don’t have the ability or motivation to get to the building in the village.

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